25 Sept 2020
WizKlub - Providing Kids a Learning Edge


    WizKlub is a breakthrough research program, created by Amit Bansal that focuses on building your child’s higher-order thinking skills or HOTS for short.

    Let’s take a gander as to what does HOTS imbibe exactly.

    HOTS primarily helps students analyze, synthesize, evaluate, interpret, and effectively solve problems at fairly complex levels. Students engaging in higher-order thinking can process information at deeper levels, make essential critical interpretations, draw relevant and meaningful insights, and conclusions. Most importantly this is a very essential skill that comes in handy when it comes to solving fairly new problems.

    Students that can tap into this potential have been seen to fare better on high-stakes tests, and make for commendable professionals functioning in a fast-paced workplace where the application of knowledge matters over just knowing a bunch of facts.

    The components HOTS can be divided into are as follows:

    ● Comprehension
    ● Critical Thinking
    ● Logical and Analytical Reasoning
    ● Problem Solving and Quantitative Aptitude


    Wizklub works on a unique way to develop and nurture the HOTS skills in the children. The appropriate age most conducive for the development of HOTS skills would be ages 6-14.

    Here’s how WizKlub approaches learning :

    ● Assess

    Assess refers to assessing where a student currently stands with respect to each recognizable skill.

    ● Develop

    By implementing a one-skill-at-a-time approach through focused intervention for each skill, WizKlub allows the students to make the required breakthroughs.

    ● Sharpen Skills

    Master the skills at each level to progress to the next level of a particular skillset

    WizKlub offers an app-based cognitive skill enhancement program for kids to strengthen your child’s learning efficacy with :

    ● Daily Drills

    Allows your child to improve his/her cognitive skills every day through an immersive activity for 10-15 minutes which allows the child to practice one HOTS question every week in self-practice mode.

    ● Weekly Quiz

    Your child can take up one quiz every week based on the HOTS covered in the daily drills which promise to be stimulating and meant to challenge your child’s thinking and reasoning abilities. The weekly quiz is meant to instill confidence in the children regarding the progress they make on a daily basis which propels them forward to work harder to better themselves.

    ● HOTS Challenges

    These take place monthly where a child is faced with 3-4 HOTS skills challenges which cover questions everything covered in the month so far. These challenges culminate in a national competition twice a year to give the children an idea of how they stand vis-a-vis their competitors.

    ● Expert Counselor

    Monthly progress reports are provided along with interventions for the child’s cognitive development. Doubt solving sessions to ease the entire process should the child find himself/herself stuck in a place.


    WizKlub has so far helped so many kids in this nation tap into their innate potential and polishes it with WizKlub’s comprehensive and holistic cognitive development program introducing kids to a realm of over 28 HOTS areas to work upon and better themselves in the process. WizKlub raised seed funding of 7 Crore by Incubate Fund India and Insitor Impact Asia Fund.