8 May 2020
When in doubt, send it out to DoubtNut

    "Millions saw the falling apple, but Newton was the one who asked why." Which means "Asking, 'Why?' is the key to success". Doubts are the results of working brains, if you have doubts about something, it doesn't mean you don't know about it, it simply means you want to know more about the subject. Hence, DoubtNut cracked to cater the gap starting from the communication of doubt raised to its resolution in real-time manner.

    Conceptualization of DoubtNut :

    Tanushree Nagori and Aditya Shankar, the husband-wife duo, understood with their experiences from their first teaching venture Class 21A that despite the great teaching techniques under brick-and-mortar classrooms, they were not able to solve individual raised doubts of students. With realisation of a genuine need of the intervention of technology, a single page application was launched to resolve the queries via instant explanatory videos and with this pulled learning to a higher level.

    With the insights that "unresolved doubts kill more dreams and ideas than that of failure ever will", the duo incorporated their 2nd entrepreneurial venture – DoubtNut in July 2016. However, the full-fledged working DoubtNut Application was then launched in September 2017 as a comprehensive learning and real-time doubts clearing application for science and mathematical problems.

    What does the application do?

    DoubtNut provides solutions for the students of K12 Segment (Class 6 to 12) up to IIT JEE platform to get their maths and science doubts cleared quickly on real-time basis. This is being done in following manner:

         Capturing queries – Students take an image depicting the question and share it on application, website or WhatsApp.

         Decoding captured query – Through advanced image recognition technologies, texts are being extracted from an image.

         Matching with database of question – With the algorithm, the extracted query is being searched in its database of pre-answered questions, having video-recorded solutions.

         Sharing solutions – If the query is found in the database, it shares its solution video with complete explanations. On other side, if not found students can demand a solution from the tutors available on application.

    What you get with DoubtNut :

      For Classes 6 to 12 - CBSE, ICSE and State Boards :

  •       Free Maths book video book video & pdf solutions for NCERT and CBSE solutions.

  •       Free solutions for books like RD Sharma, RS Aggarwal, Cengage, Resonance, Narayana, Bansals, FIITJEE, VMC, Vibrant, Nucleus.

  •       Video and PDF solutions of past year 10th & 12th CBSE boards question papers & sample papers, solved papers with explanations.

  •   Competitive Exams - JEE Mains and Advanced, Government Exams - SSC CGL Railways, Banks

  •       Free previous year question papers with solutions, solved papers with explanations for IIT JEE Mains

  •       JEE Mains Mock Tests for practice

  •       JEE mains and advanced answer key

  •   More than a lakh free instant video solutions for math concepts & practice questions.

      Important datesheets, announcements, last-minute tips by expert teachers.

      Exciting and rewarding contests everyday to make maths study interesting.

    Raising of Funds :

    DoubtNut has raised over a total fund of $18.9 million to date through 4 funding rounds. With the latest Series-A funding round of $15 million in January 2020, it has been valued at about $50 million. The latest funding was round led by Tencent, Chinese Tech Company along with existing investors AET Fund, Sequoia Capital, Omidyar Network and Ankit Nagori (founder of fitness startup Cure.Fit).

    DoubtNut plans to use these funds to expand its product offerings in terms of subjects, languages and classes along with expanding its team.

    Response of students from all over the India :

    DoubtNut is targeting a user base that is beyond urban and brick-and-mortar classrooms, that too free-of-cost. There are more than 13 million monthly active users across it app, website, youtube and WhatsApp, out of which 85% of users today come from a place other than top 10 cities in India and more than 50% of students have come online in the last one year.

    On this co-founder Tanushree Nagori said “Doubtnut is truly democratizing education across India. Our user base reflects the entire demography of India, something which no other education app in the country has come close to achieving,”

    Conclusion :

    With over 100k solution videos in the library prepared by experts from IITs and other leading institutions, the company’s multilingual approach in providing real-time doubt resolution service will tackle the local challenges and scaling issue in Education Sector and creating moat for itself. The rate at which the concept is getting popular and liked by students and even teachers, this Edtech solution is expected soon to become a disruptive competitor in the its segment.

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