4 May 2020
What Parents Ask : A Parent’s Helpline

    Parenting is a life-long process, and it takes a continuous cycle of learning and unlearning to raise your child to become the best versions of themselves, and kindling an affable relationship with your offspring. Parenting is no easy feat.

    Child-rearing is something that shouldn’t be taken for granted because the pressures of it can easily get to the new parents. Wouldn’t you like a professional’s advice to find that balance in your life as a parent? Or simply little tips every now and then would obviously be a welcome gesture. A little guidance on this journey of parenthood is exactly what ‘What Parents Ask’ provides.

          WhatParentsAsk is a website founded by Dr.Debmita Dutta to provide you with reliable information about parenting, health and nutrition from certified experts on the platform.

    What are the services provided by this platform? It’s more than just consultation. WhatParentsAsk also conducts interactive workshops to help the parents understand the complexities of parenthood, by helping them understand the intricacies of the human brain and body. The parents can then use this knowledge to undertake a better understanding of their children and tailor their parenting style according to the child’s needs, because every child is unique which means a one-fit model is not a good solution, so it is imperative to inject uniqueness in parenthood.

    They also conduct parenting workshops for parents with children across age groups. The parenting solutions are rooted in sound medical knowledge that enables parents to raise their children to be socially adjusted, emotionally secure and stable humans.

    Parenting consultations are offered for parents and children to resolve conflicts at school and home, and to help them come with simple and effective solutions, allowing children to improve their performance at school.

          WhatParentsAsk is also instrumental in providing workshops for teenagers to help them navigate the slippery slope that is puberty and strengthen them to handle the physical and mental transitions that come along with it.

    Reliable information from certified experts for expectant mothers, vis-a-vis antenatal and pregnancy care. They offer bankable advice on nutrition, exercise, newborn care, post-pregnancy care at a crucial time.

    If it is health issues (everything from the common cold to more complex diseases) you are worried about, WhatParentsAsk does a commendable job in educating the parents and children alike as to the various aspects of immunity, first aid, and maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

    Their services also include providing helpful tips as to the meals your child should be taking for a healthy body, and specific to the child’s needs. What if you want to help your child find their innate talent?

    WhatParentsAsk has got you covered in that sphere as well. From healthy disciplining techniques to dealing with anxiety and depression issues, WhatParentsAsk strives hard to provide the best of parenting solutions to help ease your burden and help you enjoy your children blossom into healthy and happy human beings.

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