14 Sept 2020
Ways to engage with employees during the lockdown

    With the work-from-home culture being implemented due to the current pandemic situation, engaging with employees has become the centre of focus amongst many organisations. The company needs to keep its employees motivated during these trying times by implementing various campaigns, programmes and initiatives. Below given are a few ways an employer can engage with their employees and help boost morale.

    Online-based games

    Organising games and trivia sessions have proven to create a sense of active participation rather than being passively immersed in an initiative. It is not even difficult to organise games and quizzes via an online medium. All it requires is a PC/Mobile with decent internet connectivity. Be it crossword, quizzes or dumb-charades: it is a great way to engage with the employees. It enhances cooperation, teamwork and inculcates a sense of enthusiasm and confidence among employees.

    Being aware of the health of your workforce

    With the pandemic raging on, health and fitness of employees have emerged as one of the biggest priorities a company or an employer should look into. Organising online yoga sessions or meditation sessions can be organised via an online medium to provide the employees with a bit of mental peace. Added to that, virtual health challenges can be taken up as well to ensure a healthy workforce.


    Employees are motivated the most when they are encouraged and appreciated for their work. Adjusting to a WFH environment might be tough, which is why it is essential to raise the morale of the workforce by rewarding people for their hard work and efficiency. A personalised message or gift cards go a long way as an incentive, which instils a sense of happiness and fulfilment among the employees.

    Extensive communication

    Elaborating on communication has emerged to be a very important factor to keep the employees engaged. Informing the employees about the work details and responsibilities will ensure that the workforce is on track with the company's targets. Extensive, detailed and proactive communication both ways ensure that the workforce feels their ideas are valued, apart from instilling a sense of duty-mindedness.

    Upskilling and Skill Pivoting

    The pandemic has brought in a new dimension- automation and digital workforce which corporates are slowly getting used to. The workforce must be trained to deal with newer challenges. This can be done by ensuring that the employees undertake online courses to improve and build on their existing skillset.