23 April 2020
Ways to deal with anxiety for professionals and entrepreneurs during the Lockdown period

    With the coronavirus pandemic disrupting daily life and businesses coming to a screeching halt, professionals and entrepreneurs are having a tough time dealing with anxiety. From an employee’s insecurity about his/her job to an entrepreneur’s fear of running out of funds- the phase is indeed dark. The persisting crisis has turned into a vicious psychological battle where people are worried about a multitude of things- finances, health, job security, funds and much more.

    Lockdown and its impact on mental health

    While the lockdown might appear to be a simple affair on paper, things are not looking bright for both employees and entrepreneurs. An ominous feeling- filled with fear, worry, insecurity and anxiety has taken a firm grasp over the minds of working professionals. The big question persists- how to cope up with this terrible time?

    To break down the answer into simple terms, here are some tips from India’s some of the best counselors and life-coaches which will help the working professionals to combat the terrible phase they are going through.

    Coping methods: 8 special tips

    These are some of the tips that working professionals can follow to deal with their fear and anxiety:

      Believing in the fact that this rough patch is not permanent

    Storms may come and go, but sunshine will always follow. Despite the current rough patch, one must believe that this is not the end of the world.

    Everything in our life is dynamic. There will always be ups and downs, and dark phases are never permanent. People must keep convincing themselves to imbibe a certain faith that will be beneficial to combat these tough times.

      Breathing exercises and meditation is important

    Proper breathing regimes and meditation can help our body release positive hormones and provide a calming effect on our brain and body. It can also buff out the turbulence created by mental pressure and strike a balance between work and personal life. This regime must be maintained daily, as these trying times call for a strict overwatch on one's health and well-being.

      Keep distance from unnecessary information

    While it might be good to be up to speed with the daily news, one should take appropriate measures to limit engaging in stuffing too much unnecessary information. The disturbing tone of current news and the COVID-19 counter might have adverse effects on one’s mental health. It brings to the surface all the fears and anxieties hidden in our subconscious minds.

      Writing journals

    Many working professionals are coping with loneliness, cut off from their family and friends. There is no one to share the misery an individual might be facing. In tough times like these, one needs a vent to let out the pent-up emotions. If a person feels unable to speak up, it is recommended that he or she should start writing a daily journal or a personal blog. There is no better way to let out one's misery through a pen. Let your words be a mirror, reflecting your emotions.

      Stress on affirmations

    Believe in positive thoughts. Consciously repeat affirmations to rewire the subconscious mind. Negative thoughts act as a cage to the accumulated fear and anxiety. One should believe in affirmations to let go of the deadweight that is adversely affecting their mental health. Say to yourself that you are one of the lucky few who are safe and sound, away from the dreary clutches of this pandemic.

      Be grateful

    A sense of gratitude releases Serotonin, a neurochemical which sparks happy thoughts. It is recommended that one should constantly remind themselves how lucky they are. Feel grateful for the little things. Feel grateful for your food and family. This will help strike an essential balance between work and personal life.

      Concentrate on exercise and a balanced diet

    Missing out on gym or fitness classes? Follow a DIY exercise regime which should include practicing meditation and breathing techniques. Use the available online resources to find out your suitable exercise regime. Engaging in workouts not only helps to keep body and mind fighting-fit but also helps in the release of toxins accumulated in one's body. Cut out excessive carbs from your diet, and consume more greens and fruits which have higher water content.

      Chalk out your plans

    Visualization is important for decisions and drawing out plans. No less than a million things are running in one's mind. Wages, EMIs, stability, job security, relationships and whatnot. But instead of being frantic, one should calm down and analytically plan out the solution to any problem, one-at-a-time. There has bever been a perfect time until now, to narrow down your plans and adjust your goals.


    The current situation has made everyone quite frantic as people are not used to a change in a pattern they are well versed in. Mental health is quite an important issue, and many of us are struggling to maintain a positive mind frame. It is now all the more important to believe that brighter days will come. Hope is the greatest source of strength for mankind, and now is the time where we all should channel this energy to keep us going through these times.