16 April 2020
Vernacular AI: Breaking The Language Barrier

    Business took off with the culmination of the internet, as it brought people much closer, increasing their outreach. That’s all hunky dory but it was not without its own setbacks. Business still had a stronghold of native English speakers, which meant the non-english speaker population was largely overlooked over the digital channel. In order to tap into the potential consumers belonging to this section, there was a pressing need for the gap to be bridged. The inception of Vernacular.ai was meant to tackle this issue, helping bring the undervalued chunk of people into the fold.

    The brainchild of four IIT Roorkee students, Akshay Deshraj, Manoj Sarda, Sourabh Gupta and Prateek Gupta took off on Oct 4,2016. Vernacular.ai is a platform using NLP to build multilingual chatbots to help businesses communicate with their wide array of multilingual customers. It started off with seed funding from Kstart (seed fund initiative by Kalaari Capital for Indian startups) offering an expansive assortment of speech and language solutions built on top of VSR (Vernacular Speech Recognition) built on 1 million hours of data. Technically that would translate to 114 years of training data, which is baffling to begin with.

    It basically converts speech to text using cutting edge deep learning techniques, coupled with their NLU (Natural Language Understanding) that makes up their conversational AI platform. So far they support 10 languages, with a little over 100 dialects.

    But that is just the tip of the iceberg, Vernacular.ai happens to come through in so many other ways as well. It allows for sentiment analysis, intent analysis (understand your intentions from the speech pattern), generate insights from keyword spotting i.e. spotting patterns in your speech to draw up insights from it, and even receive and configure speaker characteristics (the usual).

    In the current times, as the world recuperates from Covid-19, the importance of Vernacular.ai becomes even more paramount, since all the businesses (currently catering to Banking, Insurance and the Food and Beverages Industries) have to resort to a work-from-home model, so online communication is key, as Vernacular.ai swoops in to save the day with its state-of-art features, offered at a very generous pricing. You pay if it works successfully for the share of calls automated by VIVA (Vernacular Intelligent Virtual Assistant), complete with a free demo (you knew that).

    Well if its numbers you believe, then Vernacular.ai boasts an 83% reduction in identifying a new utterance as opposed to the traditional approach of using a subset of conversations using NLP (Natural Language Processing), and a 97% of the suggestions made by analyzing your conversations are accepted by the higher-ups.

    It happens to be pretty flexible in its offering of customized pre-built models, that you can remodel to your need, with simple integrations and deployment options to choose from. Successful stories resounding the elegance of it, can be read on its website, from credible sources and well known industry giants. Still not convinced? The website gives you a ludicrously simple guide to incorporate it into your workforce pipeline, so go take your inquisitiveness for a ride, https://vernacular.ai/ is more than happy to comply, as they continue to knock down the language barriers, to include more languages over time, as they steadily rise up in stature.

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