24 April 2020
Top Emerging Cryptocurrency Startups in 2020

    That was an interesting day until my colleague started to talk about Cryptocurrency. Yeah, what you are thinking is exactly correct. This article is about Cryptocurrency and relatively startups boosting it in 2020.

    Many of us get involved with such conversations even without knowing it properly. I belong to the same category. Soon after the conversation I started research on cryptocurrency. During this quest I came across a tweet that made me think more about its necessity. Let me share this with you.

          Google trends say “More Americans are interested in buying the Cryptocurrency than selling it”.

    While most of us are still in the stage of knowing how exactly this Cryptocurrency works, they made Cryptocurrency legal in the USA with a few regulations.

    Cryptocurrency stands as the best blockchain application for the benefits of using these financial bodies in a totally different way. It is fast, safe and private. It does not sustain under a single authority and totally depends upon market demand.

    When Bitcoin was first introduced into the market in 2008, no one gave it a little importance. They undervalued it. But now all those who undervalued it are having abundant agony of not investing in it. Most of us do not involve in predicting future fluctuations in the market. While analysts say that Cryptocurrency is inside an investment bubble and that has a number of chances to burst at any time. This says that we should definitely involve in doing something with this Cryptocurrency, that may be exploring, sharing, investing, buying, or something related to cryptocurrency.

    With this perspective, Americans are on their way mustering cryptocurrency. More number of US residents involve in investing in cryptocurrency. On the other hand, People with long term financial prospects; procure them by buying cryptocurrency. Even though the American government advised against this usage of cryptocurrency, there is no active legislation passed against the usage of bitcoins in the US.

          America stands first among countries that started virtual currency trading. On the other hand many countries banned its usage. Even giant companies like Microsoft accepts Bitcoin as one of their official payment since 2014. The market in the United States is fairly to influence USD 558.2 million next to 2024, with a Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) of 4.23% during 2019-2024.

    Many companies like overstock, eGifter, CheapAir, NewEgg, etc. already started tradings that involve Cryptocurrency. Many official bodies around the world express this Cryptocurrency as the second-best invention, while internet stays in the first place.

    Now we will see a few Cryptocurrency startups that we must know about in 2020.


    Javvy, initiated in 2019 from the Cayman Islands. Frank Grogan is the founder of Javvy. They assume that approximately 18% of daily transactions will be crypto-to-crypto conversions. Javvy receives further commissions from cryptocurrency conversion partners for these transactions.

    Downloading of the Javvy wallet will be 100% free of charge. Users will be able to send and receive Cryptocurrency for free.

    Recent update: The user will be charged a commission fee on crypto-crypto, crypto-national currency, and national currency-crypto exchange transactions. The fees are expected to be 1.25% for Javvy Direct Sale.


    Apart from its name it is also called an all-in-one solution for Bitcoin. Vytautas Karalevičius SpectroCoin’s wallet is safe for storing Bitcoins. Being a startup from 2013, it has seen many changes in the financial market and has grown to be very strong in recent years.

    It also accepts sending and receiving Bitcoins instantly. This electronic wallet even accepts payments for services. It has also introduced Bitcoin prepaid debit card. These cards are accepted over 20 million shops globally.

    Recent update: As a withdrawal option it also offers several vouchers and even amazon gift cards. SpectroCoin is planning to promote Fiat currencies in the near future.


    Coinbase allows Digital Currency Exchange. It accepts the exchange of Ethereum, Bitcoin and Litecoin. Even though it was initiated in 2013, it gained a grounded structure in recent years. Coinbase was recognized in 190 countries worldwide for Bitcoin transactions and 32 countries for Fiat currency transactions.

    Recent update: Even though this company was through a hacking attack in 2019, not even a single Cryptocurrency was stolen. Global Digital Asset Exchange and User-facing retail broker for Bitcoin are two core products of Coinbase.

    All these startups proved to provide their users with the right information. My article hits a conclusion here. Possessing a financial status never gets confined to current situations. They keep on changing, fluctuating and even dumping. So invest in something new !

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