20 April 2020
ThunderPod : Get Ripped With Pod

    Did you think I was going to start this with Health is Wealth? Ha, no. But a healthy lifestyle is pivotal for enjoying life. Yes decadence seems much easier (I am imagining Mycroft stuffing his face with pudding), but it drastically reduces your life expectancy. A healthy lifestyle isn’t alluring to achieve but if I speak frankly, the people leading them are gazed at in awe. Haven’t you wondered at some point what kind of gruelling workouts must these guys be doing day in and day out that enables them to be so, how do I put this delicately ? Fit (read chiselled).

    But this very simple realization didn’t come about until like everything else, it became a fashion statement. But once it did, people began giving their health a serious consideration, and thus opening up new opportunities for nutritionists, trainers, gyms, health clinics alike, with this fad (this one’s really good guys) not about to wane anytime soon, let’s talk about the fitness companies revamping the fitness paradigm.

    People began to notice the benefits of workouts, and now wanted a workout regime of their own. We all remember surfing through Youtube enthusiastically surfing through the workout videos, the fat burning kind, the abs building kind, the pecs building kind, the weight losing kind, the stamina building kind, the strength building kind but mostly the abs building kind; setting your mind to dedicating time to your body and losing all steam and will to do so after a few days.

    Thunderpod, founded in 2017 by Rahul Khanna is the next step to making fitness enjoyable and fun through their app. It raised around $150K in the seed round as of March 16, 2020.

          The platform introduces you to your character, the Thunderpod, a happy looking blob. As you train your body, go on walks, jog, exercise the pod shows visible changes as it begins to get fitter with you (not saying everyone starts as a blob, though). But as you grow stronger so does your pod, but goes out of shape if you don’t exercise.

    It helps you achieve your required level of fitness through dance fitness challenges(first of its kind) that gives you an energy score to burn away those love handles you’ve been meaning to get rid of, and also allows you to indulge in fun challenges.

    Personalised everyday goals that are achievable can be set by each user, with your app playing the role of personal trainer (It even corrects your form by looking at you exercise) so that you stay motivated in a workout regime best suited for you. You could even go as far as to gauge your performance against other people to give you a sense of where you stand as you marvel at your achievements.

    Oh it gets better. For every challenge you conquer and goals you achieve, you are awarded with coins which can then be used to buy Thunderpod merchandise (ipads,JBL speakers kinda stuff). It sounds fun right about now right? Go have fun, earning while you get your pod in shape.

      Stay fit, Stay Healthy.

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