19 Sept 2020
The Minimalist - A Start-up influencing the growth of other Start-ups

    The visual design or taglines are the first point of interaction for a user. It's therefore important to make the design as per ongoing trend, but intelligent enough to attract one's attention. The present trend is of unique minimalist creative philosophy and viral impact in digital media. "The Minimalist" listed amongst the top 25 start-ups on LinkedIn, is a design and consulting agency that helps brands create their growth strategy, design, and communication as well.

    The journey from a facebook page to a successful venture:

    The Minimalist is a Mumbai based venture, started by two 4th year IITians Chirag Gander and Sahil Vaidya.

    Sahil was an enthusiastic person with a keen interest in drums and enjoyed writing witty content for humour. The other founder Chirag was quite famous for his designing skills all over the college.

    The founders met through a short trip during their internship period. With the increasing popularity of social media platform, both the founders started a page on Facebook named 'The Minimalist' to share their thoughts and short witty content. By the end of the college, there were around 25-30 people working together with the founders on the page. Later in 2015, Sahil and Chirag then decided to convert it into a firm, which was bootstrapped.

    What does "The Minimalist" do ?

    The Minimalist is a design and digital consultancy start-up. It provides services in three main core areas :

    ● Interaction Design :

    Unit responsible for developing apps and products, websites and other web products with a user-centric approach.

    ● Branding and Communication :

    Works with clients to devise their brand identity, strategy, video production and marketing communication.

    ● Digital Marketing :

    Units helps brands with their digital presence, SEO, social media marketing and online reputation management.

    In addition to above, the startup also takes care for brand packaging, end-to-end creative mandates and also space design.

    What's different about The Minimalist ?

    Over the last decade, lots of branding and digital marketing companies have flourished in the sector. The Minimalist, with its concept, started competing with Indian digital marketing Start-Up e.g. Webchutney, Blue Vector, Geekschip, The Brand Saloon, and within a short time-span is now competing with the sector leaders Ogilvy and Pinstorm.

    The Start-Up believes that the key to effective designing is understanding the needs of the clients and differentiating it. Each and every client having different business has different preferences which should be analysed for the best results.

    Another uniqueness of The Minimalist is, although a B2B services company, the start-up has a strong B2C connect also due to active engagement in social media with their continuous updates sharing their perspective through its amazing content and marvellous designs on various social issues and topics of interest.

    Sahil Co-founder said during an interview "Clients in India are entirely different from those abroad. We had a client in Saudi Arabia, who wanted to design his application, so we sent over a team member to understand his needs. We wanted to analyse his requirements and ensure that he was highly satisfied with it. We learnt that the Internet penetration was low over in Saudi Arabia and it was the Demographic that decided how we worked."

    Achievements and Future Plans :

    The Minimalistic with their appealing designs and content, had established its worth in the market. As of now, it has worked with over 200 clients till date including the likes of Coca-Cola, Airtel, Practo, Xiaomi, Bloomberg, Eureka Forbes, Religare, Google, MTv among others in India. On the global front, it has worked with companies like News Corporation, Berkshire Hathaway, Abbott, Dow, Hypertrack.io, Cetelon, Cashmere Polo, Techforce.ai, Builder’s Patch, etc. Its key international markets include United States, Singapore, New Zealand and Mauritius.

    The Start-Up, with its presence in 5 continents working with team of 100+ to help 300+ clients, had completed its 5 years of working. The Start-Up is now focussing on growth in Global Market and aims to come-up with solutions for the challenges that brands have to face with while expanding itself across globe.