22 May 2020
Testbook - An Edtech Startup help Students during COVID-19 crisis

    Among those students, preparing for government examinations, 80% of them cannot afford a computer and are purely reliant on cyber cafes. However, the late situations grow to be topsy-turvy. COVID-19 has an adverse effect on every sector and this made students solely susceptible to online coaching and networked preparation.

    There comes Testbook, a Mumbai-based ed-tech start-up, initiated in 2014 by some IIT graduates. Ashutosh Kumar is the CEO and co-founder of this edtech start-up. The main intent of this start-up is to serve all those 70 million men and women government job aspirers every year.

    “All the online programs, courses and seminars provided by Testbook are very apropos to study on mobile. All the users have some sort of features without any bias. They can watch video lectures even when they go offline, which is favorable for the Tier-II and Tier-III learners,” says Ashutosh.

    The Testbook team assures that the health of the students is cared for and all the students who approach Testbook have access to learning. They say that it is their bit in composing the situation exceptional for crores of government job aspirants whose exam preparation have been tied up due to the blockade of institutes and coaching classes.

    A voucher card has been announced as a Testbook pass that allows students to pay the amount related to a particular course. This system is adapted in order to solve the issue where Tire-II and Tier-III students face discomfort while paying through the digital payments method. These Testbook passes are more similar to recharge vouchers where students can get them for cash and utilize them on their website to attempt tests of their interests. This method is more flexible for students as he/she can use it whenever they need it to be.

    Forthwith, as a response to the current situations, a new Testbook Pass has been introduced which enables the competitive exam aspirants with exhaustive access to about 3,000 mock tests, over 100 online courses, 1000+ practice quizzes and a Rs.149 valued study notes per month. So far, 10 million students or aspirers have been served by Testbook. Testbook claims to have more than 50,000 monthly payments with a Rs. 30 crore Annual Run Rate (ARR).

    Currently, the public-sector test preparation market claimed to be at $5 billion and it is known to be the largest among the world sectors. Nearly 70% of govt. job aspirants come from Tier-II, Tier-III and Tier-IV cities.

    Conversely, there came several edtech start-ups boosting up their services and launching several online courses at a reasonable price. Grounded firms in edtech like Toppr, BYJU’s, Lido learning and many others are already on their way in ensuring uninterrupted education even in this crisis period.