22 Sept 2020
TapChief – Empowering Freelancers

    In India, where there are so many experienced experts and professionals on one side and being a developing economy a lot of job-work has been produced along with need of guidance in accelerated manner on the other side, a Gig Marketplace has been created. Thereby concept of short-term employment, work-based job or independent employment, work-from-home is getting acknowledged but the acceptance of which till now has been very low.

    TapChief tapped this opportunity within the growing Gig Marketplace and is working upon the empowering freelancers along with the way company is looking at workforce.

    Behind the scenes : TapChief

    The co-founders Shashank Murali, Binay Krishna and Arjun Krishna started their experiments in their college-time. Shashank built applications for multiple Start-Ups which garnered good reviews. In penultimate year of college, co-founders decided to build something new and came up with Edvice – An on-demand tutoring application, where entrance exam students can connect with an IITan or BITSian for their doubts. It was acquired by HashLearn just within almost 2 months.

    With the experience co-founders gathered, they started their next entrepreneurship venture in February 2016, TapChief to solve the problem with help of consulting industry experts.

    TapChief - The Future of Work begins here

    The Bengaluru-based Start-Up now has become a freelancer marketplace and also Do-it-Yourself (DIY) one-stop platform for freelancers to perform their job and allied activities. Initially, the Start-Up was kicked off as a platform over expert community provide professional career and business advice over a simple phone call.

    In addition to connecting businesses to freelancers, the Start-Up also provides access to proprietary technology solutions to support and manage the complete life-cycle of freelance work starting from discovery to payments.

    Getting ready with Remote Working

    The concept of remote working is the main reason of paradigm shift in the working pattern, especially in India and is also a very substantive part of a Freelancing Ecosystem. The concept is being supported heavily due its importance in ongoing pandemic.

    Amid Covid-19 pandemic, business are doing their bit by enabling this tool, inspite of knowing Indian is not remote-ready, TapChief enables businesses to source and shortlist industry experts, and has put together a practical guide to working from home, which leverages the best practices and insights the Start-Up(s) learnt while enabling remote working over last 4 years to make the shift seamlessly.

    Fundings Acquired till date

    TapChief, as of now, has raised over total of $ 2.5 Million in 9 funding rounds. Their latest being procured in December 2019 from a pre Series-A funding round of $ 1.5 Million led by Blume Ventures. A unique thing with the Start-Up is gathered support from more than 50 Marquee investors including Paytm, 500 Startups, Cred founder Kunal Shah and former Flipkart executive Mekin Maheshwari, AngelList India, NuVentures, Vokal founder Aprameya Radhakrishna not only with funding but also with their enriched guidance.

    The Start-Up had channelized its funds to expand its grid of professionals, enhance its product offering and integrate its technology with existing enterprise people management systems.

    Future plans of the Start-up

    "One in five professionals globally today are independent and this is expected to grow to 50% by the next decade. Our goal is to empower Indian professionals to have access to the widest selection of gigs in the fastest manner at the right income benchmarks,” said TapChief co-founder Shashank Murali.

    Tap Chief, having signed up 1,00,000+ professionals and firms who already earned cumulatively $ 2+ million with 25,000+ gigs, is changing the landscape for freelancers with capacity building tool and techniques. The Start-Up is in that field that is redefining the future and pattern of work in India and it’s only the starting phase.

    With 75,000+ Hours of expertise already exchanged over the platform, the Start-Up catering with the issue faced by Freelancers in India with the acceptability and their operational viability with the help of their exclusive tools without any cost.