21 April 2020
SwearOnDog: Who Let The Dogs In?

    Here’s another topic on something we all adore and love prancing around us. Your friend in the truest sense, as the simplicity and the outpour of its love never ceases to amaze you, "Dogs". Too precious to be bumbling around us, giving us company, uplifting your dreary days, glistening your bright ones. It pains you when you have to leave them behind as you go vacationing, unsure of how your dog would be in your absence.

    SwearOnDog is here to let you take that vacation without being constantly jittery for the entirety of your vacation, missing those smushes by your canine friend back home. SwearOnDog is an online community of genuine dog lovers who are willing to board your dog when you travel. Enjoy your vacation in peace without being tensed over leaving your dog in a kennel or alone. With SwearOnDog, your dog too, will look forward to a vacation (possibly even a better one than you).

          After all, good boys deserve a good vacation too now, don’t they? SwearOnDog, hailed to be the first startup to provide dog boarding, was a venture by MBA grads Abhishek and Swagata in 2016, that wanted to unscramble the industry of pet boarding.

    Headquartered in Bangalore, it houses dedicated software for check ins and check out, LCD display, sprinklers, play area and soothing music to make sure that your furry friend thoroughly enjoys their time there, as they are taken care of by experienced and pet loving care takers offering the best rated pet boarding in Bangalore.

    The luxurious boarding facility makes sure your pet is well pampered, as it has got boarding suites for small and big dogs, allowing them their own space, a home like environment and giving them enough sleep time, complete with letting them frolic to their heart’s content, delectable food prepared with the utmost care for your pets.

    As far as safety goes, SwearOnDog has an inhouse treadmill to offer the exercise that your dog needs to keep them healthy, with on-call vets and their hygienic facility keeping your pet away from infections, with a facility built in accordance to RSPCA rules. IP cameras make sure that your dogs are safe at any given point of time, the first boarding in Bangalore to have specialized software dedicated for the boarding facility.

          Having difficulty bathing your dog? Leave it to their professional spa team. Professional Dog Grooming is offered for your pet, with a wide range of spa services by their highly trained staff, that offer you the grooming you desire for your pet.

    SwearOnDog gives your pet the stress-free, hygienic, ecospace that allows it to do what it does best, shower unconditional love on those around it. Having served over 5000 customers SwearOnDog indulges your pets, that allows you and your pet (oh it’s not just dogs, it’s all pets) to take a break every now and then, because both you and your special friend deserve it.

     Go let your pet enjoy being royalty, as they should be.

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