19 April 2020
Stay together Zoom Together

    Video conferencing has always been an important element for humans to feel and stay connected like whether you are missing who is any other country, directors or employees in different cities but have important business to be discussed or having a group chit chat with your buddies, video conferencing will get you connected in no time.

    With the onset of the coronavirus pandemic in 2019-20, forcing people to maintain social distancing has suddenly increased the need of distance education, online webinars, digital social relations and most importantly work from home which has become the new survival process for businesses. Thousands of people switched to Zoom for their video conferencing needs.

          ZOOM which has become the most popular video conferencing application these days. There is a drastic increment of more than 90% in the daily average users from 10 million during December 2019 to 200 million in March 2020. 343000 downloads of Zoom were reported in a single day in March 2020.

    About ZOOM?

    Zoom as a start-up commenced its activities in 2011, providing a software based video conferencing tool, allowing individuals to interact face-to-face virtually with or without video through mobile devices, desktops and room systems.

    With Zoom, a user-friendly interface, you can collaborate on meetings and projects, record and share sessions, broadcast them live on Facebook and share into each other screens. Zoom offers a wireless screen sharing along with HD quality video and audio across Windows, Android, Linux, Mac, iOS and Zoom rooms.

    Zoom works on two main components :

  •     Zoom Rooms
  •     Zoom Meetings

  • What is a Zoom Room and Zoom Meeting ?

    Zoom Room is a physical room consisting of software and hardware technology that makes zoom meetings run simply.

    Zoom Meetings on the other hand is the core product i.e. video conferencing. Meetings are online, free to join using Zoom software in your mobile device or computer. Zoom Meetings can be hosted and joined from anywhere and everywhere be it a conference room, home or any other place.

    In simple words, Zoom Rooms are hardware set-ups to make Zoom meetings effortless and seamless and Zoom meetings are software users buy and start using it immediately.

    Zoom offers 5 main categories of its products :

      Zoom Free

    It's the initial category free to use across any of the devices. Best for personal use.

  •     Unlimited one on one meetings
  •     Group meetings for a maximum period of 40 mins and with maximum 100 participants
  •     Unlimited number of group meetings
  •     Customer Support through tickets

  •   Zoom Pro

    An ungraded version at $ 14.99 per month with a minimum one host having all basic features as above with additional facilities to cater the needs of a small team.

  •     Creation of Meeting IDs
  •     Meeting duration limit is 24 hrs
  •     Recording of meeting in the cloud
  •     1GB of MP4 or M4A cloud recording

  •   Zoom Business

    Another advanced version of Zoom Pro at $19.99 per month with 10 meeting hosts design basically for small and mid scale businesses.

  •     Admin dashboard
  •     Company branding and Vanity URLs
  •     Customised emails allowed
  •     Dedicated phone customer support
  •     Transcripts cloud recording of sessions

  •   Zoom Enterprise

    Another excellent version of Zoom Pro at $19.99 per month with 100 meeting hosts design basically for Large Enterprises.

  •     Enterprise having 500 participants another updated version, Enterprise Plus which have 1,000 participants
  •     Unlimited Cloud Storage
  •     Dedicated Customer support Manager
  •     Various discounts on Webinars and Zoom Rooms

  •   Zoom Phone

    A solution for modern users at $ 10 per month per user having features like :

  •     Designed for Native Windows, iOS, MacOS and Android apps.
  •     Single point solution for voice, messaging, voicemail, video conferencing and meetings.

  • Major Allurements of using ZOOM

      Touch up my appearance tool

    It's just a camera filter, which enhances your beauty and helps you look great even if you have not have not taken a shower or brushed your hair. It's a useful feature for those who are working with multinational corporations and have to take calls at awful times.

      Zoom Virtual Background

    You are a professional but may not be good at cleaning a house, don't worry Zoom has something for you, Virtual Background. There are various backdrops of space, ocean views and cityscapes to save you from the mess. It's available for desktop and iPhone.

      Cloud Recording Transcripts

    It's as simple as giving a note to your assistant, Zoom will convert the recorded data into text and show you as a text file in downloads. Different paragraphs are formed and divided by time stamps for your convenience.

      Mute yourself when only listening

    When there is webinar going or celebration is given by a boss, you are quiet but various background sounds get captured by microphones causing disturbance to other participants. This is one of the most important video conferencing etiquette.

    Current Criticisms faced by Zoom

    With advanced technology and applications there comes its own risk and uncertainties, attracting the unethical hackers and dark web to trade upon the personal and confidential data.

    Zoom being the most user-friendly interface and popular these days, containing the huge database of the public at large, became prone to hackers and unauthorised attackers which led to criticism for its security and privacy policies.

    Zoom has been criticised for the following matters:

  •     No end-to-end encryption
  •     Leakage of personal information of the users to Facebook and LinkedIn
  •     Unprompted access to microphones and cameras
  •     Zoomboming : An undesirable person enters the zoom meeting causing disruption.
  •     Spoofing of messages and shared screens being hijacked.

  • Due to above discrepancies, Zoom has become a subject for restrictions and bans by many countries, corporates, educational institutions and government entities the German, Taiwan, Google, SpaceX, New York City Department of Education and Australian Defence Force.

    Indian Cyber Coordination Centre reported that "Zoom is not a safe platform,”. The Press Bureau of India said in a statement warned “Platform not for use by government officers/officials for official purposes,”. The advisory has also issued guidelines for users who still wish to use Zoom for their private communications.

          Eric Yuan, CEO of Zoom has apologized to the authorities for the security lapses occurred and has made significant changes like increased the passwords complexity, changes in data center routing, innovation of new security icon and change in default settings in view to strengthen the privacy and security issues.

    Furthermore, he has said that the company takes the security of users "extremely seriously" and will make all arrangements to keep intact in the future.

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