7 Oct 2020
Spectral Insights - Advanced Spectral Imaging Systems


    Spectral Insights is primarily involved with solving problems in the Healthcare Industry by providing reliable tools to boost a pathologist’s efficiency in securing a diagnosis. It was founded by Prasanth, Dipankar Das, Raghubansh Gupta, Sumit Nath, and Suhash Gerald in July 2016.

    Spectral Insights is leveraging AI to provide vertically integrated solutions in an end-to-end collaborative platform offering digital microscopy, advanced analytics (AI/ML), innovative imaging to the hospitals, clinics, Pharma Research Department among others.

    Working closely with pathology departments to provide access to high quality digital slide images(biopsies, blood smear, TB, pap smear among others).

    It provides a number of comprehensive tools to improve the performance of the clients in the three main facets:- objectivity, accuracy and, throughput for the clients as it specializes in optics, spectroscopy, artificial intelligence, data management, cloud computing, and visualization.

    The company was built with an idea to make the lab work a little less cumbersome and a lot more efficient. Keeping up with the diseases and the diagnosis is essential because the archaic methods still in circulation continue to become increasingly obsolete as diseases grow increasingly more complex which demands a digital footprint to offer effective combat with the right arsenal of tools.


    The main offering of Spectral Insights is a proprietary spectral camera and an image analytics studio and most importantly an automated digital microscope. This digital microscope is instrumental as it provides pathologists with digital images, locally or over the cloud. Other features provided by this digital microscope would be counting cells, tumour boundaries to detect cancer, etc, which can be effectively deployed to make quick and accurate diagnoses which can help save time in the meanwhile while easing work pressure and resulting in overall increased efficiency.

    Business Model

    Spectral Insights plans on entering the market through two possible ways:

    ● Selling the systems to end-to-end customers who then pay for software upgrades and algorithms with the data on the systems.

    ● The second model follows a unique approach where customers can pay Spectral Insights a monthly rental for Spectral Insights’ systems using them based off of software Spectral Insights provides.


    While Spectral Insights continues to face daunting challenges along the way like product imports from foreign countries and finding the right partners to believe in their product and work culture, along with a challenging installation process.

    Despite these challenges, Spectral Insights continues to move forward to provide the best quality medical tools at an affordable cost an absolute requirement for medical technology, focusing on deploying systems across India before venturing out to other countries in South East Asia, Africa and even Europe through their partners.