30 May 2020
Social Media Marketing for Startups

    Letting people know about your products and services is a lot harder job. When it comes to your brand, every small aspect is a most important thing. There comes social media marketing which eventually involves in growing your brand.

    Social Media Marketing, known as the finest business strategy. What we live in now is completely a digital place. So, marketing digitally benefits you a lot.

    The booming Social media networking says everything. On an average, there are 11 new users signing up for social media every second for the first time. Recent study says that over 3.8 billion people are actively using social media on daily basis. That is more than half the population of our world.

    When Social Media Marketing is done in a perfect manner it drives loads of traffic to your website or brand.But the thing is, you need to invest your time to stay engaged. You need to use analytical tools to convert the raw data into information.

    Being the major part in digital marketing, demand for Social Media Marketing has gone very high. Experts insist on using this. Around 97% of marketers use social media to develop as well as to nurture their business. 78% of sales personals put up their products for sale using these Social Media Strategies.

    So, what made Social Media Marketing such a special thing? .The answer lies totally in its benefits. Here are some main and interesting benefits through Social Media Marketing.

       Increased Brand Awareness: The most important thing for any business is its brand. SMM can make your brand go popular easily and more quickly with no time.

       More Inbound Traffic: It is better to reach 10,000 relevant people than 1,00,000 random people. SMM gathers only relevant traffic to your website or brand. That makes you more money.

       Social listening: It is the act of supervising social conversations. That helps you recognize what’s significant to your audience and make out trends that your target audience wish to have.

       Higher Conversion Rates: Through humanization factor your business can develop a sense positive impression. Traffic can eventually increased by every comment, image or blog post. These factors lead traffic to your website through social media.

       Gain market insight: Understanding customers and recognising their wellness are everything that deals with your business growth. Marketing over Social Media widens your company’s market insight by popularizing your services and offers.

       Improved Brand Loyalty: Brand loyalty and Customer satisfaction play a prominent part in turning your business more authoritative, but that involves communication. When consumers observe your activeness on social media by posting useful content and replying to, it turns you visible more reliable.

       More Brand Authority: Authority is directly proportional to traffic. Search engine finds the amount of relevant content you have regarding a particular topic. The more relevant content you have, the more the search engine picks you up.

       Cost effective and analytics: The add expenses are very reasonable. While SMM provides quality traffic, it also provides cost effective feature to its users. Standard social media websites also provide analytical details for the advertisement or poster they post. Your advertisement can be analysed using marketing tools. It provides data regarding number of clicks and visits.

    So, considering all these, there is no doubt that social media is used in making profits. Many social media websites like Facebook, youtube, linkedIn, Twitter, Instagram and etc., benefits many business persons a lot. While on other hand, Quora is another platform that provides advertisements over online courses and informative websites.

    However, there are few drawbacks regarding this Social Media marketing. But, marketing experts say that around 69% business people consider these drawbacks as a challenge and use them to stand front in the competition.