12 Sept 2020
Skylark Drones – Drone Analytics for Increased Productivity


    Skylark Drones was founded back in 2014 by Mrinal Pai and Mughilan Thiru Ramasamy to tap into the acquisition, analysis, and presentation to the enterprises in infrastructure, agriculture, renewable energy among a plethora of other industries.

    Focused on increasing productivity, Skylark Drones came forward to combat the lack of standardized, secure flight workflows, and the extraction of meaningful data from the voluminous aerial data.

    Skylark Drones Features

    Skylark Drones has effectively helped increase productivity across these industries, changing the business landscape for good:

    ● Mining

    ○ Skylark’s product Spectra has been making vast strides in the mining industry by helping track production from the pit to stockpile with the help of AI-powered surveys.
    ○ Spectra has been instrumental in measuring mine progress with digital terrain models and protecting critical infrastructure-with everything on the cloud.
    ○ Drastically cut down on labor costs
    ○ Bring an end to material pilferage
    ○ Maximize profitability
    ○ Monitor extraction volumes on a daily basis
    ○ Helps you eliminate the safety risks of manual inspection

    Having helped dig up over 40,000 acres of value Skylark Drones has helped companies like TATA Steel, Aditya Birla, BALCO, Ultratech Cement, SAIL among others.

    ● Solar

    ○ Helps you bid for more lucrative projects
    ○ Grants you full control of the construction deadlines
    ○ Improves operational efficiency
    ○ Helps maximize profitability
    ○ Allows you to conduct faster surveys
    ○ It helps you acquire flood-proof assets in a swift fashion. Spectra shortens lead times to construction while ensuring assets are designed to be steadfast with land acquisition and hydrology insights.
    ○ With faster thermal inspections Spectra identifies underperforming solar panels to help you extend your plant’s ROI.

    Skylark Drones has helped companies like Bosch, Sterling & Wilson, ReNew Power among others.

    ● Transport

    ○ Helps infrastructure developers by utilizing aerial maps and 3-D models to map land use for time-bound land acquisition and estimate costs/timelines of construction.
    ○ It allows you to sustain the constructions for longer leveraging Spectra through visual and thermal-based inspection analysis.

    Skylark has helped several companies build robust transport Networks like Ashoka, EIT, Reliance Infrastructure, Systra, LT among others.

    ● Utilities

    ○ Identify network defects early-on to eliminate unexpected downtime with Spectra.
    ○ Prevents foreign encroachments with high resolution drone maps
    ○ Protects critical infrastructure on the cloud
    ○ 40% faster land surveys guaranteed for ensuring rapid design deployment.
    ○ AI-backed inspections help prevent cross-network failures, achieving up to 100% uptime.

    Prospective clients are HMEL, Indian Oil among others

    ● Agriculture

    ○ Crop yield maximization with Spectra
    ○ Spectra is useful in tracking yields across farmlands with over 97% accuracy
    ○ Crop health can be measured in a swift fashion to maximize productivity
    ○ Cuts downtime to assess the farmland damage to a few hours compared to the usual weeks it takes to take account of the situation.

    Syngenta, Ayan, and Sterling Wilson are among the few companies benefiting from Spectra’s cutting edge technologies to revamp agriculture.

    Skylark Drones Products

    The main Skylark products are :

    ● Spectra

    ○ Visualization of asset
    ○ Extract meaningful and reliable insights from real-time data
    ○ Generate reports propelled by drone analysis
    ○ Context collaboration to help with a better understanding of the real-time data

    ● Drone Mission Control

    ○ Automate planning
    ○ Accelerate scaling
    ○ Is primarily a drone operations management solution
    ○ Provides an on-field companion pilot app to manage, monitor and scale commercial drone operations

    ● DronePass

    ○ Hardware module and design integration solution to help drone manufacturers, system integrators, and others.
    ○ It allows you to connect anywhere with Wi-Fi.
    ○ DGCA approved and a fully functional OS-agnostic surface
    ○ FIPS 140-2 compliant

    The Road Ahead

    Skylark Drones has come a long way since its inception. Having contributed to over 20k+ autonomous flights, 1M+ images processed and over 100 enterprise clients is a testament to the Skylark Drones story. As Skylark Drones continues to simplify drone operations on a global scale and making drone flights safe and secure Skylark Drones has firmly established itself as a leader in providing solutions to accelerate industrial productivity with actionable intelligence.

    In the face of current times, Skylark Drones has teamed up with law enforcement agencies across the country to provide centralized video surveillance to track the lockdown effectiveness as a part of the CoVid surveillance platform.