4 May 2020
SHUTTL : Gen-Z Buses for Stress Free Commute to work

    Public commute has been on the rise for quite some time now, with the onset of Ola and Uber Cabs services providing a benchmark for all others to come and opened up a plethora of opportunities for people bursting at the seams with ideas. Revamping this sector, it’s time for the herald of public transport to pick up the baton and jump in the fray. I am talking about buses, the quintessential prodigal son.

    More than 1.6 million buses are registered in India, and the public bus sector operates 170,000 buses carrying roughly 70 million people per day. However, bus transportation has not been able to keep up with the steady rise of the traveling folk, forcing it to watch from the sidelines as the cabs take over swiftly.

    Shuttl aims to change that as it came up with a novel tech-enabled bus aggregating platform to help solve the daily commute problems. Buses happen to have an edge, the outreach of buses is far more than that of other modes of transportation. It helps connect not just cities, but remote villages all over the country, so the impact of establishing a presence of an app that facilitates bus travel could reign supreme as it continues to be a primary source of transport for a majority of wide-eyed Indians.

    An added advantage to using buses would be the comparative cost difference. Buses being the cheapest option have the upper hand in this exchange. What remains is to improve the services once you’re on board.

          Shuttl provides hassle-free AC rides, in six cities so far with an expanding workforce of 2,000 buses that clock over 100,000 rides each day.

    Founded in April 2015, with Amazon being instrumental in its incubation, this app allows riders to book the seats through the app to allow for a smooth travel experience complete with full information regarding the route, time taken, bus details, stops, drivers in short everything you would want to know about a bus ride in general.

    But what sets Shuttl apart are the salient features it introduced a while back. Primary concern revolving around buses is the issue of safety, and Shuttl delivers on that note. With an emergency button that automatically slows down the bus until it stands still, at the nearest bus stop and a live feed that any passenger could share to anyone concerned enables an effective measure for safeguarding women safety, making it a prime pick among women. It further strengthens the security stronghold by keeping a track on all drivers, that require them to identify themselves before starting a journey and take an instant alcohol test.

    Since its inception, the growth has been slow due to the obvious lack of door-to-door service, and the requirement of extensive planning of the best route possible for the journey. But a few hiccups aside, Shuttl is well on its way to bring back the glory to the buses, to facilitate safe, easy, and cost-efficient travel.

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