29 April 2020
Sequretek:Towards A Secure, Digital India

    Cybersecurity is one of the pressing issues of our times given how swift digitalization has rendered us vulnerable to a new wave of cybercrime, working to compromise our information and with it our identities. Sequretek , a Mumbai-based enterprise security startup is making bold strides to strengthen our walls of defense for enterprise customers hailing from top business houses in the country in a market largely dominated by MNCs, Sequretrek brings forth new digital solutions to go head-to-head with its competitors.

    A pantheon of clients boasting the likes of HDFC Bank, IDBI Federal is on the steady rise  for Sequretek. How did they come up with a plan to match global security companies?  Investing in security R&D to a strong in-house team working round the clock striving to provide you the best solutions possible, they ensured that they were on par with these MNCs. Being amongst the very few to have its own end to end cyber-security products in the space of Endpoint Security, Threat Intelligence, and Management.

    Sequretek helps enterprises by providing state of the art Endpoint Security services, which ensures that no malicious files enter your endpoint through applications & devices (using AI and ML), and self-updates to fix existing vulnerabilities to allow you to take a sigh of relief.

    It provides User Access Governance, for access management procedures and compliance reporting. It’s Managed Detection and Response, which helps in threat identification and mitigation.

    The log monitoring is provided on a 24*7 basis to ensure better incident response management. Started off in November 2013, Sequretek was born with a vision to simplify security by managing the technological landscape and empower the customer’s growth as their trusted security partner .

    In 2015, Sequretek secured $300,000 from a clutch of investors and raised Series A in 2017 from GVFL partners and Unicorn India Ventures.

    In 2018, they raised a bridge round of Rs 27 crore (approximately $3.7 million) from their existing investors – Unicorn India Ventures, GVFL, Sharad Sanghi, founder of data center company Netmagic Solutions and a huge number of international investors also participated in the round to provide them the support they need. But let’s talk a little about a couple of services actually being provided by Sequretek and how are they revamping the digital security paradigm.

    Sequretek has built a product called Avatar, which helps the organizations have control over the user's access, providing controlled access to users and covering the area of access governance.

    It also has a product called Kawach, which is built around the next-generation endpoint detection and response. It’s a single product that helps secure devices like desktops, laptops, mobile and others with the ability to play a multitude of roles like anti-virus software, advanced threat protection (ATP), data loss prevention (DLP), device patching, mobile security and a lot more.

    In a fast-changing realm, Sequretek has managed to not only stay afloat but redefined roles as it marches to the top and is well regarded as one of the top digital security agencies in the country.

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