22 May 2020
Pratilipi : Digital Platform to Read stories and Write your own

    I have always pondered upon the lack of a proper stage for the writers to showcase their writing prowess. The efforts are visible, but the platforms are usually disjoint, and like other artists there’s a crowd of writers walking to life’s beat waiting for a platform to blossom and unleash their talent. There are thousands to millions of gems rotting away in some dilapidated corner patiently waiting their turn, and it’s high time a digital space be provided to the budding writers to help them flourish.

       Pratilipi was launched as India’s largest digital platform by Sahradayi Modi, Sankaranaryanan Devarajan, Prashant Gupta, Rahul Ranjan and Ranjeet Pratap Singh connecting writers and readers across 12 languages. There’s a little something for everyone.

    Consider yourself an avid reader? Want to quench your thirst for something new, something fresh? Pratilipi provides a catalog of a multitude of ebooks, poems, stories, articles, magazines, stories, essays to choose from. Engross yourself in this immersive experience as you navigate Pratilipi’s library rife with endless possibilities. Do you have a specific genre you are looking for, and haven’t been able to find anything to satiate that curiosity? Chances are that the elusive work of art is probably sitting in Pratilipi’s library of over 15,00,000 books that are available for free. Yes you heard it right.

    Curate your collection of stories, and download them on the go without being perturbed about the payment cause it’s all free of cost. Pratilipi really just wants to touch the people’s lives by introducing them to the joys of reading.

    Fancy your writing skills? Pratilipi provides you an opportunity to join its pantheon of writers. Create new drafts, add media and publish on the app for your readers. A writing panel that takes away the cumbersome task that goes into compiling your work, and instead lets you focus on spreading your stories to the people as you revel in the comfort provided by Pratilipi.

       Pratilipi lets the readers connect with the writers, through direct interaction between the two factions allowing readers to review, discuss, follow the writers and take a glance at their favorite author’s writing process that could very well help mould them into future writers.

    Hacking away at the elitist notion of publishing, Pratilipi surges forward to democratize literature as it focuses on providing a superior user experience and mobility as its primary driving force.

    The only platform to provide literature free of cost in the regional languages: Telugu, Malayalam, Urdu, Marathi, Bengali, Kannada, Punjabi, Odia with an ever-growing readership of 1.7crore+ readers, over 21 lakh stories to be discovered, and over 2 lakh writers to marvel at; Pratilipi’s statistics speak for themselves as it established itself as a supremo in its niche transcending the boundaries of language to proliferate the magic of storytelling.