22 April 2020
PRACTO: Your Online Doctor For Health & Wellness

    Practo is a medical based start-up, started in 2008 by Shashank ND and Abhinav Lal when they were studying in NIT, Surathkal. It has been started as a healthcare service with efficient cloud base h healthcare software.

    In 2009, it made its first sale in Bangalore. And by 2013, they launched an appointment booking platform that allowed people to register for free and consult with doctors online. Currently, practo manages 35 million healthcare records, 45 million appointments, not only in India but also in Brazil, Malaysia, Singapore and Indonesia.

    Practo has 2 main parts :


    B2B cloud management software that allows doctors to set reminders to patients and send digital prescriptions. It is available at the pricing of Rs. 999 or Rs. 1999 per month.


    It is a local targeted platform allowing people related to the medical sector to put advertisements. 25% of demands in this part come from small cities and towns where the demand for high-quality doctors is high. It allows users to see the advertisements according to their searches.

          With almost 40 million people as users last year, the rising practo has acquired almost 4 healthcare services like Fitho, Genii, Instahealth and Qikwell and has the largest appointment booking platform in the world and raised $3 million funds from SAIF partners in 2014.


  •     Promotion of practo: Practo also follows a simple method to enhance sales. Through social media, practo promote their ideas and as every small Indian household as a TV, they find it an effective medium to spread their advertisements and promote them through this.

  •     There is no particular place for people to access practo, just having a strong internet connection is enough for you to connect to the doctors. Due to this ease, more and more people are getting attached to practo and there are almost 2 lakhs doctors who use practo as an effective medium to provide them with service.

  •     At an initial level there is no fee required for patients to connect with the doctors and hence people always like to have access to free service making it an effective way for people to attach themselves with the service.

  •     From engineers to business development, practo has almost 1500 employees to care for the functioning of the site. They are present 24/7 to provide service to customers.

  •     Selling medicines to different drug stores is also a main revenue generation method of practo.



    Practo bought this company for 40 million USD. Qikwell earns by selling advertisement spaces to doctors or hospitals and takes an appointment booking fee after an appointment is made. It mainly takes onboarding fees for doctors.


    It is a free app for users under practo, it is a medicinal app and allows people to make a transaction of 800-1200 rupees.


    It’s a CRM based software that is used by hospitals and clinics for everyday managements. It is a Saas based payment solution to hospitals.


  •     Customer contact can get released as there is no guarantee of information protection.

  •     Never give any doctor any kind of commission as a well-doing doctor never asks for such things. It may be some kind of risk that a fraud person may deal with you.

  •     Its biggest rival ZocDoc is way ahead of practo in the means of security and safety.


  •     Quick results to patients

  •     24/7 service allows you to get treatment easily at night without any problem

  •     Pocket friendly and one get another doctor if not satisfied.


  •     It’s upon the internet service you have; any problem occurring in your net may disrupt the contact with the doctor.

  •     The doctor doesn’t know you and your body. The doctor to whom you visit regularly knows your body’s function and may help you better.

  •     You don’t know how qualified a doctor is and how authentic he/she is. Hence sometimes the risk is onto you!


    Although launching practo and its functioning is a good idea which is giving the medical sector a different shape and providing doctors to promote their career as well as for people to get easy access for medical service.

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