16 Sept 2020
Phable – Your health now in your hands

    Healthcare in India lacks an integrated ecosystem leading to ineffective treatment outcomes even in those fields also in which best treatment are available. Out of every 4 persons, 1 person suffers from chronic ailments in India. Complications increase as 80% of patients cannot comply with treatment plans provided and discontinue the regular health check-ups as suggested by the doctor. With the right guidance and lifestyle adjustments, a lifestyle disease won’t have to equate to a life sentence.

    Co-founded by Sumit Sinha and Mukesh Bansal in 2018, Phable is a mobile-first healthcare service platform serving both patients and doctors which solves the problem by bringing doctors, patients, health devices and the power of artificial intelligence onto a single platform. The platform is currently operating in Bengaluru, Hyderabad, and Chandigarh.

    Phable - A health tech start-up

    Phable is a patient-centric, easily accessible and pocket-friendly healthcare ecosystem. It's a complete companion for those with lifestyle diseases covering more than 18 major chronic ailments including diabetes, heart problems, blood pressure, chronic kidney disease, hypotension, hypertension, hypothyroidism, hyperthyroidism, anxiety and depression.

    Precisely, Phable is an integrated eco-system equipped with Artificial Intelligence and Machine learning which simplifies Doctor-Patient engagement.

    PhableCare Eco-system :

    For Doctors, it enables them manage their consultations and to constantly remain in-touch with their patients’ health. Being updated on real-time basis, the moment any symptoms are problematic, the doctor can intervene and ensure the concern is addressed.

    For Patients, it serves as an intelligent health assistant for the management of their disease. It helps them managing by providing integrated compliance dashboard that organise and reminds them for medication, lab tests and doctor visits.

    For hospitals, it enables digitalization of physical prescriptions along with prescribed lab tests with its partner network of clinics and also delivery of medicines via affiliated online pharmacies e.g. Medlife, Human Diagnostics, etc. Further, tie-up with insurance firms also enable integration of insurance cover.

    Benefits of using Phable :

    Maintenance of digital health records is major advantage that ensures that lifestyle disease patients receive the continuous care they need. The app provides the provision to track one’s health as well as manage all health records for easy access by doctors.

    Synchronisation with popular fitness bands like MiFit, Fitbit and Garmin, fitness tracking systems e.g Google Fit and Apple Health, home-care health devices e.g. Accu-Check, Omron. The data collected from various devices forms a data layers which provides significant insights regarding patient care.

    Free targeted health knowledge and guidance (in addition to the treatment plan) to tackle patients’ ailment, through its blog about dos and don’ts, home remedies, ayurvedic tips, workout and fitness advice, etc.

    Funds raised till date :

    Phable has raised over fund more than $ 7.7 million till date through 5 funding rounds including latest one for funding $1 million pre Series-A rounds in May 2020 supported by Inflection Point Ventures and other investors, the Start-Up intends to use it for scaling its technology and quickly expanding across other cities.


    As of now, healthcare sector in India starting from the prevention of diseases to the post-treatment stage, lacks in almost every step with respect to its facility vis-à-vis population. Either proper treatment is not available at all or if available, are inefficient. This is very evident in on-going pandemic situation due to Covid-19.

    Phable, with intent to address these inefficiencies and to improve the quality of life of all those affected with lifestyle diseases on one-to-one basis, preparing eco-system of doctors, patients and devices.

    Having helped more than 50,000 patients by network of 700 doctors on its platform, it aims to impact the health of 1.3 billion Indian over next 5 years. Also it is expecting to provide its service to 12 cities by 2020 end.