25 Sept 2020
Nanonets - Machine Learning API for Developers


    Nanonets was started by Prathamesh Juvatkar and Sarthak Jain as a platform to help developers build machine learning models.

    Nanonets is technically a machine learning API for developers which requires 1/10th of the data and literally no machine learning experience to build a machine learning model.

    In the current landscape, data science has become a crucial and integral part of a large chunk of businesses. With data comes valuable insights that provide the necessary edge to the companies leveraging data-based solutions to propel their business and marketing strategy forward.

    But the common problem faced by a large section is the lack of training data to build a reliable machine learning model to suit their needs. Also, it is quite possible the companies may not have a dedicated team of data scientists to curate tailored machine learning models. Nanonets provides a two-pronged solution to this pressing problem.

    Nanonets provides you state-of-the-art machine learning models like OCR, Object Detection, Image Classification, segmentation, tagging, similarity, etc.

    Nanonets raised a sum of $1.5M over 2 rounds in April 2017 from seed round. Its investors include stalwarts like SV Angel, Soma Capital, Y Combinator, Sound Ventures among others.


    The products offered by Nanonets are in the form of ready-to-use cutting edge APIs :

    ● Object Detection API

    ○ Use this API for a number of uses like:

    ■ identify defective parts in your production line
    ■ Teach drones to count solar drones
    ■ Track obstacles in your course to better maneuver your machinery

    ● Image Tagging API

    ○ Use image tagging for a number of uses like:

    ■ Makes all products in your shopping catalog searchable
    ■ Geo-tagging of images can be helpful in a number of aspects

    ● Image Classification API

    ○ Image classification is primarily used to put the image into a number of classes that are predefined. You can use Nanonets’ image classification API for uses like:

    ■ Emotion detection for customers could be utilized to get an idea of the customer’s sentiment that can provide reliable insights into a product’s review that could align important business decisions
    ■ You can use this API to differentiate between different products to filter out the ones you wouldn’t need, and allowing the model to learn from this training to further help you in making decisions in the future.
    ■ In current times you could utilize this to differentiate between people following the safety rules by wearing masks, and those that do not.

    ● OCR API

    ○ OCR or optical character recognition is an integral part of a number of companies that require OCR for a number of purposes ranging from security to identification. Use the OCR API provided by Nanonets to facilitate tasks like:

    ■ Automate data entry from documents. This helps cut down on labor costs and also is significantly more efficient saving crucial man-hours for the company.


    Nanonets provides a number of ready-to-use models at your fingertips. All you need to do is provide some data that the models can learn from, which amounts to around 2 lines of code and you can then let Nanonets take over from there. Some of the offered models are as follows:

    ● Invoice OCR
    ● Passport OCR
    ● Driver’s License OCR
    ● Fashion Apparel/Accessories Detection
    ● General Tagging
    ● Furniture Detection
    ● Face Detection
    ● Pedestrian Detection in Aerial Images


    In terms of applications, Nanonets has a bright road ahead with its prospectives enhancing as more and more companies choose to rely on machine learning to their bidding and stay ahead in today’s world, competing with the companies that are already leveraging the efficient machine learning models to enhance productivity and business as a whole.