8 May 2020
MYHQ : Coworking Space for Budding Entrepreneurs

    We all know that renting offices for our work can be a bit expensive for each of us when our company is just at an initial step, thus to solve these kinds of problems myHQ offers exclusive rent-free co-working spaces for people to get an office like feelings there.

    MyHQ is a startup providing an on-demand working space, which lends people co-working spaces at places like unused banquet halls or cafés. With over 160 co-working places in New Delhi, myHQ is now planning to expand in more cities of India. People can easily book space for their work through the myHQ app for as low as Rs. 200 a day, although they still don’t have many people or customers as the concept of co-working in India is not yet famous, but as people are learning about the benefits of co-working, startups like myHQ are going to have a lot benefit soon!

    Business of any size or people always need some sort of place for their working and office places everywhere cost an arm and leg and hence for people and a similar problem is faced by metro cities as well as Tier 2 & 3 cities. Moreover, it offers high-speed Wi-Fi, charging points with free printing facilities and all the stationeries regarding office work. myHQ is divided into the following three part:

       Flexi : the user is free to visit whenever they want for the whole year and has to pay only for the days that the actually visit. This subscription costs Rs. 200 per visit or use. Moreover, there is no security deposits or stuffs to worry about and can choose the place for work according to you.

       Team Flexi : after subscription to this option, the app provides you with different tools and dashboard to maintain and keep a check on your records. This is mainly targeted towards mobile sales and business. There are no fixed charges for this plan also; people are charged according to the reservations they make.

       Dedicated Desk : these are the places reserved for almost a month for people who need to work daily. One can choose a desk, cabin or designed office according to their needs and requirement. Once satisfied, people can even book online through app or website and will also get 10% discount.

    Some initial challenges that were faced by the startup was that they had idea in mind and imaginations to work things out but didn’t have proper resources. They themselves didn’t own a place to make things work out and had to convince many people to lend those spaces. Then after working out a bit they finally managed to get spaces with centralized Wi-Fi and a proper system for people making their payments.

    myHQ basically earns from lending spaces and shares their percent of revenue from the places where they provide with office workspaces. It has almost 15000 active members from companies like OYO, Etsy, magic bricks, etc.

    This idea of co-working space is yet to reach heights of success. As people become aware of this idea the startup will eventually grow, but for now as an instance it still has to reach more users. Although, what can benefit people with a working space with low fees and unlimited tools!