25 April 2020
MyGate : Robust Security At Your Service

    Rapid urbanization marked the transition of a major chunk of the population shifting to gated residential complexes. As more and more people filter to these urban nuclei, security issues are paramount. Even more so, with the advent of digitalization of markets, where every product is a mere click away, which translates to more footfalls at your doorstep, and the matter of security in the light of this new situation is pressing.

    The traditional security solutions, like CCTV cameras, access cards, biometric locks and such happen to be disjointed with no existing link between them, and extra Security guards cost anywhere from 20,000 to 30,000 rupees per person, and ideally is a hefty cost for a normal Indian household, so what would a cost-effective solution look like? It could be the integration of technology to provide a one-stop solution.

          MyGate was founded by Vijay Arisetty in 2016.From serving as a tool for residential areas to being partnered with Karnataka State Police to facilitate an E-pass system for organizations.

    MyGate was introduced as a mobile-based security management solution for gated residential areas, by automating and digitizing all the tasks at the gate for the security, with an interactive system providing real-time information regarding all the activities at the gate concerning each flat. It allows you to authorize, validate and keep track of all your visitors from the milkman, to your delivery man.

          With over 16 cities enjoying a higher standard of security, over a whopping 1.5 million+ users log into their home on the MyGate app every day. It stands apart with its relative ease of use, quick set up with an easy to follow demo provided by myGate, 24*7 support should you run into any problems, it packs an intuitive interface that is considerably low investment.

    With features that allow the security guards considerable ease in managing their jobs, it also comes with child security for the concerned parents, that sends out a notification each time a child attempts to leave the premises. MyGate provides an accounting platform to take care of the society’s books, with a single dashboard for payments, bills, reports. Allows simple one-click payments for all residents thus considerably unburdening a housing society’s functioning.

    It even helps you find domestic help, should you find yourself in need of one. It puts you in contact with the concerned people based on community ratings along with a fully functional database of daily help to keep track of all movements, thus saving time on looking for a maid.

          Would you like to align the booking of amenities in your housing society? Well MyGate has just the facilities for that, allowing you to book a slot at your convenience with full transparency accorded, no overlap of timings between residents, and giving exclusive rights to residents above all else.

    An extremely user-friendly app, that can be operated by any individual from 9 year olds to 90 year olds, MyGate has been redesigning the security paradigm with a firm foot forward as it looks to expand further making lives of people a little easier every day, by providing convenient solutions at the expense of a click.

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