17 June 2020
MillionsCenters - One App where Learning and Teaching Never Stops

    In the new era of digitalization, significant attention has shifted to online teaching platforms. With massive amounts being invested in new tech start-ups to completely digitalize the process of teaching and providing recorded online courses. Nevertheless, real-life coaches, tutors and mentors found it onerous to compete with such a huge organization.

    To provide a helping hand and an edge MillionsCenters entered with a platform for real-life mentors and teachers to leverage technology to aid their growth. While simultaneously being social is the key to successful learning, why else would IITs and IIMs be appreciated so much.

    MillionsCenters - Never stop learning

    MillionCenters is a unique social platform, bridges the gap between tutors/trainers and students/learners by connecting thousands of users who wish to learn an art or to pursue their passion with learning centers near to them.

    MillionCenters provides 30 plus categories namely Academics, sports, adventures, music, martial arts, dance, yoga and spiritual, playschool, cookery, photography, arts, fitness, playschool, etc. It's a one-stop solution for teachers to enlist themselves and promote on social media handles.

    Inception of Idea :

    "When I was looking for a dance class for my granddaughter I found it so difficult to search for the best in the vicinity. That is when I realized that there is a huge gap between the seekers and professionals. To bridge this gap and with a vision to bring all the above listed categories on one platform we launched MillionCenters. We aim to tap Tier 1, Tier 2, Tier 3 cities by 2020" said Surinder Singh, Managing Partner, MillionCenters.

    Targeted Customer Base :

    MillionsCenters targets 2 identified sets of primary users for the platform which is constructed to bridge the existing gap between learning and teaching.

    Challenges faced by real-life Tutors/Trainers or Centre Owners:

       Low marketing budgets, leads to ineffective campaigns.

       Majority procedures are manual, records and documents are maintained in notebooks leading to poor bookkeeping.

      Generally being individually managed, restricts the ability to grow and expand.

      No tools and instruments available to improve marketing and processing activities to compete with other online websites.

    Solutions available for real-life Tutors/Trainers or Centre Owners:

      Connect with learners and generate maximum leads.

      Provides toolkit to manage their daily affairs like scheduling classes, posting of assignments, tests etc.

      Marketing platform for sharing offerings and details.

    Challenges faced by Learners & Parents:

      Due to lack of information learners tend to rely on the common sentiment before making any decisions.

      Difficult to look for excellent learning centres which are nearby.

      Services quality is generally poor as there is no feedback or grievance redressal mechanism.

    Solutions available for Learners & Parents:

      Parents and students can find coaching institutes as their fingertips.

      Everything is just a click away from staying connected to monitoring the progress of their children and getting daily class updates.

      Along with Academics also pursue hobbies and other learning programs.

    Business and Revenue model :

    Listing as a teacher or learner is completely free on the application. However, some advanced modules are on the Freemium model and above that others are Premium services.

    MillionCenters has developed and designed a user friendly application after the launch of the website for people to choose the best verified and trusted centers. Having onboarded more than 50,000 learners and 20,000 tutors till date, the startup is bootstrapped and plans to announce a funding round in near future.

    The Road Ahead :

    MillionsCenters enables traditional teachers and centers to move digital with simple app and website to reach out to prospective students and generate more leads. Additionally it has also become easier for parents and students to find suitable teachers or coaching institutes near them.

    MillionCenters further plans to become the most preferred choice of learners and tutors all over India.