3 June 2020
MedikaBazaar Targeting Corporate Workplaces for its Business Propagation

    Medikabazaar, an online B2B healthcare provider based startup, has initiated tie-ups with corporates and business concerns to project its product catalogue as the offices across the country prepare for a gradual re-opening.

    The details of the deal

    The online medical product wholesaler which provides medical products has partnered up with 24 corporate companies, including Tata Steel, Tata Motors, L&T, Pfizer, Biocon, ISRO and ICICI Bank among many others.

    The company will also launch a product catalogue specifically designed for workplaces. It will include IR thermometers, disinfectants, hand sanitisers, sensor tools, masks and respirators among many other preventive and screening products.

    Probable outcome

    With this initiative, Medikabazaar aims to help the organisations tackle the situation well in advance with enough safety measures before the doors are thrown open. Earlier this month, IT companies have announced that they will reopen offices in a staggered manner, keeping the necessary precautions in mind. According to the company, as the lockdown is on its way to being gradually relaxed, required safety measures might go for a toss- putting employees in harm's way. It claims that Medikabazaar's initiative might help bridge the imminent crisis as the role of technology will prove to be beneficial to contain such threats.


    Medikabazaar has over 22 fulfilment centres and a comprehensive delivery fleet to cater to its clients all across the country. It has also set up its first international office in Dubai.

    Medikabazaar has also initiated a “COVID combat collaborative platform” to connect the sellers and buyers of healthcare products such as ventilators, protective equipment, thermometers, goggles, masks and other medical goods. It also helped in the supply of critical safety equipment to hospitals and other healthcare outlets across both the private and public sectors.