25 Oct 2020
Lil' Goodness and sCoolMeal brings goodness in true sense amidst Covid - 19

    With the onset of Covid-19, where lockdown ensuring social distancing proved to be helpful in fighting with the pandemic, it has also deteriorated the poor classes with loss of daily wages and food supplies. While middle-classes and higher classes continue to live comfortably in towns and cities, one of the kids nutrition and food start-up Lil’ Goodness joined hands with Swiggy, one of the food tech aggregators to provide nutritious and hygienic meals to unprivileged children in Bengaluru.

    Logistics, availability of raw material and delivery were the major hurdles in front of us, however with the companionship of Swiggy, we could feed hunger of more than 50,000 mouths, said Harshavardhan, Co-Founder & CEO, Lil’ Goodness.

    The Bengaluru based startup has also taken care of its employees by persuading the migrant employees to stay back rather than leaving for home states like West Bengal, Bihar and Uttar Pradesh in the middle of pandemic, so that the startup could ensure them safety and other basic necessities.

    Lil' Goodness and sCoolMeal - Goodness is quality packed.

    Lil’ Goodness and sCoolMeal commenced its activities in 2018, to revolutionize eating habits of children through development of a environment of garden-fresh and wrapped meals integrated with technology for creation of awareness of eating healthy and nutritious food in early age. sCoolMeal is a meal available on subscription for school kids and day-care centres that provides healthy & nutritious vegetarian food options.

    Zero added preservatives and made with natural ingredients, Lil’ Goodness has become every mom’s nutrition partner and the kid’s taste buddy.

    Nutritions packed with love and Goodness :

    ● Beetroot crackers :

    Baked iron rich crackers are the healthy replacement of potato crisps and nachos.

    ● Carrot crackers :

    Rich in beta carotene (Vitamin A), multigrain carrot crackers with real carrot and cheese. Perfect

    ● Spinach crackers :

    Full of healthy carbs, calcium and blended with gram flour to give the protein edge.

    ● Chilli Guava Yogurt :

    Consisting of natural yogurt, chilly and guava give 100% of the daily recommended allowance of vitamin C in each pack. Without any refrigeration, it's stable for 6 months.

    ● Caramel Oats Banana Porridge :

    Rich in protein, calcium and healthy carbohydrates with the goodness of natural caramel, oats, milk and banana.

    Successfully raised $400K seed funding :

    In December 2019, Prominent business leaders such as Sajan Pillai, ex-CEO, UST Global, Managing Partner-Seasontwo Ventures, Dr. Muthu Krishnan ex-CEO, Tata Health and Global healthtech leader, family of Lalit Pai, ex-CEO Nightingales Home Healthcare have recognised and applauded the business idea together induced $400K as seed funding.

    Funds raised will be utilised for launch of new food products for children and scaling of sCoolMeal operations. Strengthening of technology and product along with business development are on list.

    Idiosyncratic Characteristics of Lil's Goodness :

    ● Mothers, who know the best of the children's behaviour and taste buds along with paediatricians and dieticians are consulting experts of the company.

    ● Food products are designed as a perfect blend of nutritions and good taste. Nutritions are not compromised to make it tasty and saleable.

    ● Extensive quality checks and hygienic packaging strengthens the quality of food. Packaging is BPA free, environmental friendly and US-FDA approved

    ● Free diet consultation from the consulting experts, paediatric and dieticians for Lil one's.

    The big future plan :

    According to Harshavardhan, Co-Founder & CEO, Lil’ Goodness, the size of India’s kids food market, considering only the top eight cities, is $3 billion. “Bengaluru itself has a market opportunity of around $250 million. There are over 550 schools with over 7 lakh students and over 2,000 day-care centres with over 2 lakh children, who fit into our target audience,” he added.

    All over the world every mother faces the challenge of getting children to eat healthy and nutritious food items like beetroot, carrot, spinach, oats etc which children reject to eat. Lil’ Goodness and sCoolMeal brings one full serving of veggies in a nachos-like format that they won’t say no to! And with the aim to positively influence the eating habits of future generations are continuously coming up with food that is not only wholesome and nutritious but tempting and mouth watering too.