26 Sept 2020
Kreator 3D: Simplifying 3D printing solutions

    Anurag Atulya, an electrical engineering student at SRM University, had a panache for machines. While working on a college project, he created a 2D plotter. This gave birth to the idea behind the startup Kreator 3D which was set up in Chennai in 2019. When he was tasked to build a CNC engraver for a chocolate company, he saw potential in making 3D printers when he felt his engraver concept was not coming through.

    Anurag gained quite a lot of knowledge in Mechanical Engineering concepts and soon came up with a prototype, albeit with little success. There was no power supply in the printer. He went back to build the engraver, only to scrap the project entirely and build a printer from scratch. He soon started selling 3D printed action figures and keychains to his classmates.

    The core team behind Kreator 3D

    When the college project teams realised the prospect in Anurag’s build, many of them approached him. It was then when he landed upon the idea of a market-ready printer. One of his classmates, Shubham Dawkhar, who was already a leader in one of the college's tech research teams, joined him in his venture. Together, they started Kreator 3D.

    Later on, Mechanical Engineering student Sabyasachi Ghosh and Mechatronics student Zeeshan Mallik were also inducted into the company. They realised that high-precision machines with easy to use interface and complying with industry standards were hard to come across and so they decided to bridge the gap between the supply and the requirement of a printer which could be operated anywhere.

    Kreator3D is now in its last stage of development before its product hits the market.

    Conclusion- Pandemic innovations

    In the wake of the recent pandemic, the Kreator 3D team has successfully built a ventilator and face shields with their 3D printing facility which they have supplied to the SRM Hospital. They are now invested in the concept of injection moulding and are now selling the products in the market.

    Currently, the startup is bootstrapped and is in a pre-revenue stage. They are looking for investors to raise funds. Till date, they have sold 11 printers and have additionally raised a sum of INR 50k in printed parts sales. Once the situation normalises, the startup plans to deliver at least 100-150 printers which will cost INR 2 lac a piece and they aim to hit INR 2-2.5 crores in revenues.