1 Oct 2020


    Kissht was developed as a financial technology platform that allows seamless and instant credit for customers to make purchases at digital points of numerous sales.

    Founded on July 13, 2015, by Karan Mehta and Krishnan Vishwanathan with an aim to provide swift and hassle-free credit financing to its customers across the country.

    Kissht raised $49.2M in 6 funding rounds with the last one being in July 2019 from a debt financing round, backed by investors like Navi Technologies and iLabs Capital, Vertex Ventures, Endiya Partners among others.


    Kissht’s plug and play gateway APIs can be integrated very easily with a marketing checkout page to provide access to these loans to the customers.

    Let’s talk about how this works.

    ● Activate Kishht EMI card

    ○ Provide your personal info and income detail
    ○ Upload basic documents for the verification purposes
    ○ Kissht EMI card is then activated

    ● Choose Kissht At checkout

    ○ While checking out of any page Kissht is affiliated to you can select Kissht at the checkout page
    ○ You could also download the Kissht app to directly buy online products from partner online merchants.

    ● Product Delivery

    ○ After the down payment is carried out the loan is approved
    ○ Post loan approval the merchant then ships the product

    You can go ahead with online shopping on EMI without credit cards, or uploading any documents, checking available credit card limit, view upcoming EMIs, bills, make early repayments and much more.

    What is required for availing the services of Kissht?

    ● Monthly income should be more than INR 12,000
    ● All you need is an Aadhar card, PAN card, and a post-dated cheque is all that’s needed

    How would you make repayments through this platform?

    ● EMIs get debited immediately from your bank account
    ● Timely repayments are ensured to avoid unnecessary hassles
    ● Ensuring that your account has sufficient balance would prevent any further hassles as well


    Hailing as the fastest credit app, Kissht has ushered in a new era as a financial technology platform enabling instant credit for consumers taking the cumbersome effort and hassle out of the process making the lives of consumers a tad bit easier.

    The company has imbibed the latest technology, automation for approving loans, data analytics to create an affordable approach with impressive user experience.

    Kissht has therefore successfully spearheaded the financial inclusion of the lower income segments as it works towards bridging that gap bit by bit with each passing day as it has expanded its presence to over 50 cities with over 500K customers garnering 50K-75K customers for its EMI card every month.