23 April 2020
Joynt : Building An Audience

    Are you a content creator? If yes, then you realize the importance of building an audience for your craft, allowing you to build a network and a healthy relationship with your audience in order to build credibility and trust allowing you to expand further on this network you aim to create. This is true irrespective of your niche, whether you are in this for profit, or you just want to showcase your talents, either way, the task stated above is herculean.

    A lot of planning, strategizing goes into preparing for it, the most difficult part of this process being, the discovery of a suitable platform to attract people. Joynt provides a platform for the micro-content creators to be able to create long-lasting connections.

          Joynt was founded by Vijay Goel, Vivek Kumar and Sagar Ramteke to bridge the gap, allowing like-minded people to be inspired and exchange ideas, back in August 2019. It is an app focused on building a community of creators from various walks of life, by bringing them together in one place to monetize their craft.

    A messaging app that allows celebrities to interact with their inquisitive fans that allows them to bond and learn over the platform. This extends a helping hand for the small-scale artists, looking for revival and finding a platform to attain recognition for their art, through interaction with like-minded and interested people that helps them grow and expand their network and build everlasting bonds with the common folk.

    So far Joynt has included celebrities, personalities from sports, fitness, music, arts and hobbies with a pantheon of highly skilled individuals from each of these fields, to provide you exclusive content at reasonable prices. Enjoy the BTS (behind the scenes), jamming sessions, interesting anecdotes about them, take a gander into their life, learn from them, take tips and much more from your favorite digital content creators, sharing the exuberance and positivity, now providing 1:1 video calls with celebrities and talents (time to facetime is now, people).

    Most of the platforms usually deal with content creators that have had a firm foot holding in their niche for quite some time (like MasterClass) and are well recognized in their circle, as micro-creators find it extremely difficult to lead a life solely on the back of their creative work.

          Joynt addresses the issues of plagiarism and security amply through its platform wherein the content created by the intelligentsia is released into a closed group available for access only for the people in the group and something that cannot be released outside thus eliminating the possibility of plagiarism.

    Joynt is encouraging people to make that skill known to the world by providing them a platform and a stage to go out there and seize the day as it were. With the possibility of incorporating more fields and more talented individuals, similar to MasterClass, Joynt is bringing out the latent talent inside Indians bit by bit, as a further exploration in the coming days could allow it to attain cult status and achieve a higher number of interested individuals, as it helps build a global network of people willing to learn from their idols.

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