15 Sept 2020
Josh Talks : Stories that inspire


    Josh Talks was started by Shobhit Banga and Supriya Pal, back in January 2015 to produce videos and events to empower each individual to dream and achieve bigger through the medium of stories.

    Focusing on getting their voices heard across young India, Josh Talks started off as a simple conference that has now expanded into a major media platform covering a multitude of topics with speakers from every walk of life imaginable including entrepreneurship, public policy, sports, entertainment, and social initiatives.


    Josh Talks moved ahead with the belief that exposure is the key to growth in life. Coupled with education, exposure births experience, and instills lifelong values. But who would you listen to? Who would you find influential enough to adhere to their words?

    Josh Talks not only brings you stories in the form of interactive videos meant to pique the viewer’s interest considerably but also find and curate role models for the people from the grassroots of India. These are people who the new generation can follow, and connect with. This is someone they find relatable and can share a rapport with, which allows them to adhere to the ideals of the aforementioned person.

    Currently, these talks are provided in a number of languages like Hindi, Marathi, Bengali, Tamil, Telugu, Punjabi, Gujarati, Malayalam.

    The support provided by Josh Talks is multi-faceted. Let’s talk about how it actually is helping the youngsters pursue their dreams and goals:

    ● Empowerment

    Josh Talks empowers individuals with an assortment of workshops and digital content while consolidating information on jobs and career and skill individuals in a couple of aspects to provide each and every person watching with an arsenal of resources at their disposal to upscale, learn, reskill and take account of.

    ● Network Building

    The Josh Talks seminars bring together inspiring stories from different corners of the country, which allows their community to interact with each other and with the speakers as well.

    Josh Talks provides a space for dialogue among people to bring about a positive impact in society as the discussions take place over a vast array of issues. These conferences are a culmination of the fruits of their labor as they infuse their audiences with renewed vigor, enthusiasm, and a call-to-action.

    ● Digital Mentorship

    Mentorship is important when it comes to driving positive change in any field. A mentor guides you with their experience to align you with your goals and instilling the drive-to-succeed with much-needed tips, tricks, and important takeaways from mistakes you make on your journey towards your goal.


    Josh Talks shows us the power of stories, and how they play an instrumental role in changing perspectives, opinions, and even the world as a whole. All you need is a platform to get your point across to the world, and Josh Talks has been striving since its creation to raise the aspirations of young India, as it immerses its viewers in thought-provoking, meaningful, and inspirational messages with a call for action for anyone who lends an ear.