2 May 2020
JIOMART - Desh Ki Nayi Dukaan

    As we all head the recent headlines of Jio-Facebook deal and hence their first impact will be on the JioMart and perform as an eCommerce platform. JioMart launched in January with the slogan as “desh ki nayi dukaan” and avails their service currently only at Thane, Navi-Mumbai and Kalyan. The basic concept of JioMart is to do free home deliveries for daily items and groceries.

    Features like free home delivery, express delivery, no minimum order, etc will be present making it a better option of eCommerce selling and buying. JioMart claims that people will get savings like never before! They target on stocking and selling products to consumers, as of now JioMart is available on the web only but it is promised that they will be going to launch an app for android and iOS soon.

    Launching the JioMart, Reliance Company has made new rivals like Amazon and Flipkart. And to beat this competition JioMart is coming up with deals like, people who already use Jio networks or are a subscriber will get some preliminary discounts and hence this will obviously attract more customers to JioMart and to Jio networks as well! People who can avail the JioMart right now have almost 50,000 options for grocery products, moreover if not satisfied then one can return them back without any questions being asked.

    This new eCommerce platform will have offline-to-online service and already has started to get partnered with different local and brand merchants. It is expected that by collaborating with Facebook, JioMart will connect with merchants through the medium of WhatsApp making both profits for Facebook and Jio. Due to this initiative of Jio, making a market place exclusive for Indians will make it give a great competition to Alibaba, the biggest eCommerce of China.


    One will have to register with JioMart in order to deliver and sell their products from the medium of JioMart. For the smooth and assured delivery of products, people will have to register. Sellers will be able to list their inventory, create offers and will be properly associated with jiomart.

    Moreover it is possible that people can use the WhatsApp ray feature which is currently not provided for use may release for Indian users soon for making payments on JioMart.


    • To order from JioMart, the best way is to use the WhatsApp number.
    • Save the number +91 88500 08000 and save the contact on your phone.
    • Open WhatsApp and look for the phone number and send a message as “hi”
    • On your message, a person will revert to you back with a link to JioMart’s grocery service. And if you are ready to order, click on that like and order all the things that you need.

    Although there are not many items present in the moment but you will for sure get the basic important daily item things. Moreover, to your benefit JioMart is selling things at a much lower price than that of other eCommerce sites.

    CONCLUSION: As reliance group has entered the eCommerce business is big for India, and will probably give a cut-throat competition to eCommerce stores like Amazon and Flipkart making things difficult for them. Though Jiomart is right now giving service only to select area but in no time it may be spread all over India forming another eCommerce giant.