2 June 2020
IntelliPaat - Rising startup in Online IT Training

    There is no such sector as dynamic as IT. Professionals who are committed to the IT sector find it necessary to constantly update their capability bracket to sustain in this sector. However, most platforms charge a steep fee along with a long wait to avail a slot with the favoured trainer. The unavailability of any after-training support is a serious factor as well that needed to be addressed.

    Considering all the above factors, IntelliPaat- a Bengaluru-based edutech startup, has tied up with leading industry professionals who work with major technology companies to provide online courses and self-paced videos which will enable the students to connect and interact with instructors, irrespective of the location.

    The website's main focus is to fill the gap that prevents IT, professionals, from learning about newer technologies and solutions and give the much-needed push to their careers. The platform further claims that the students undergo rigorous training which includes various exercises, assignments and projects to make them future-ready.

    The spark

    IntelliPaat was founded by techie couple Diwakar Chittora and Shilpi Jain in 2011. Diwakar has a master’s degree from IIIT Bengaluru and has the experience of working with conglomerate companies such as Wipro, Mercedes-Benz and AmEx. Shilpi Jain has over 14 years of industrial experience and she has worked with tech giants IBM and Microsoft. She has been a part of major projects which include Microsoft Bing analytics and Neilson Mobiles.

    In 2011, they wanted to train themselves in Hadoop and Big Data. However, they found out that there were no such institutes in our country which provides training in the same. The professionals needed to travel to either Singapore or the US for the training course. While surfing the web, they came across an expert who was willing to provide the training if they could come up with a batch. They decided to have a batch that comprised entirely of their friend circle. However, they witnessed a surge in responses within a week when they announced the batch over LinkedIn and they completed the course free of cost.

    After three months, Ericsson approached them on LinkedIn to train their employees on Hadoop and Big Data. Within 6 months, the duo trained almost 200 Ericsson employees within six months. This surge in demand for courses made them realise that a platform was necessary where professionals could learn more about newer technologies, which gave birth to IntelliPaat.

    Today, IntelliPaat boasts of having more than 250 talented professionals in their team.

    The platform structure

    IntelliPaat provides training courses that have a perpetually tall demand. It includes courses on data science, big data, AI, ML, cloud computing and application development. The courses are created by subject experts and are spearheaded by talented professionals who possess profound knowledge in that field.

    The platform also claims to provide 24x7 support to its trainees. The students enrolled with the platform can ask queries to IntelliPaat any time of the day. The platform earns revenues from the students who enrol in the courses provided by the platform. The price of its courses ranges between INR 8,000 to 2 Lac. The training is delivered over an online medium and it ranges between six weeks to nine months.

    At the end of the course, the team also vets the student for job interviews throw mock PI sessions. Not only that, but IntelliPaat also has over 500 hiring partners on board to hire students, including giants Ernst and Young, Nasdaq and Infosys.

    IntelliPaat claims to have over six lac learners from over fifty countries. The company claims to grow at a rate of 100 per cent every year.


    According to studies, India has risen to become the second-largest market for edu-tech platforms. The sector is expected to hit $1.96 billion by 2021 with a net active user base of 9.5 million. IntelliPaat reserves an edge over its competitors because of its special focus to provide a push to a professional’s career as well as having complete ownership on its course contents. In the next two years, IntelliPaat aims to double its product catalogue. It is also focussing on a greater footprint in Tier-2 and Tier-3 cities in India.