25 Oct 2020
Instoried - Content Emotional Analysis


    Instoried was introduced by Sharmin Ali and Sutanshu Raj in 2018 as an augmented writing platform that can help you improve customer engagement and interest.

    The platform is mainly focused on helping content writers in e-commerce, news, FMCG and a couple of other verticals to optimize emotions in their marketing content.

    The latest funding raised by Instoried was back in January 18, 2020, from a seed round where a total of $500K was raised over 2 rounds. The lead investors backing up Instoried are SOSV, Venture Catalysts, The Cowrks Foundry.

    Content marketing is a major part of the marketing campaign of a company and it is therefore imperative to take a look at how effective would the garnered content be when it comes to attracting the target audience. The success rate would significantly contribute to an increase in conversion rates and raking up the interest people have in the content put out by the company.

    By utilizing the AI-based platform using emotional analysis, the success rate of content marketing is determined well before the article or a writing piece is actually published.


    Instoried is packaged as a web application which can then be easily synchronized with any Content Management System (CMS) that a business might use for their needs. Once it reads the content, it can provide a number of emotional intelligence metrics such as different scores that give you an idea regarding how positive, negative, or neutral the content is.

    The platform helps you write better as it provides you helpful tips to take your content in a direction your target audience would like.

    Instoried provides useful insight regarding your content in the form of five emotions - joy, anger, surprise, sadness, fear. Based on these 5 quotients, the platform can provide useful recommendations that can be used to decrease or increase any particular quotient to cater to the needs of your clientele.

    When it comes to helping out a fellow content marketer, Instoried guarantees all the required plug-ins and APIs necessary for a smooth workflow process enabling a more efficient writing procedure, which allows the content writers and marketers to shell out better content using the cutting edge NLP solutions woven into one with Instoried’s disruptive AI tool.


    Based on the data curated by neuro marketers worldwide, people make decisions based off of emotions more often than logic which is why it is all the more essential for the content written by marketers to incorporate human emotions that resound with the readers and help strike a chord with them allowing for deeper and wholesome connections with customers which then allows the companies to reach out to more people with their content.

    As Instoried works towards incorporating the nuances of the Hindi Language to their repertoire, Instoried has come a long way having helped several SMEs improve their sales by tweaking their content to their audience’s liking with a little help from AI.