8 Sept 2020
Inoviea - Enhancing the power of Solar Panels

    Solar power systems are another amazing source of sustainable energy deriving its energy from the sun. Clean and pure energy which helps in reducing greenhouse gas emissions. In India, the solar energy industry is developing fast with it's installed capacity reaching 37.627 GW as on 31 March, 2020. Moreover, India targets to achieve installation of 40 GW capacity of solar rooftop panels by 2022, currently only 3 GW capacity have been installed.

    Various developments and innovation activities are being tried to increase the efficiency of solar panels to solve the problem of electricity crisis, Inoviea, Noida-based start-up is enhancing the efficiency of solar panels with its automatic cleaning system.

    Inoviea - Environmental friendly and Sustainable cleaning solution.

    Founded by the naval architect for the Indian navy, Suchin Jain in 2014, Inoviea aims to provide an automated and water-less self-cleaning system for solar rooftop panels to enhance the electricity production.

    Production of electricity gets hampered due to the deposits of dust on the solar panels. With Inoviea's self cleaning system can perform the entire process of cleaning with the combined system of slippery coating and compressed air without water or any human interventions, and that too multiple times in a day.

    How does it work ?

    Inoviea's automated and water-less self-cleaning systems can be installed in both existing and new solar panels.

    The process can be divided into segments :

    ● Coating over the panels restricts dust and other pollutants to stick on the panels.
    ● Installation of air compressors solar panels helps in blowing away with dust and other pollutants.

    Advantages of Installation of Inoviea's automated and water-less self-cleaning system.

    ● Reduction in payback period by up to 40% as the solution helps in increasing the power generation by almost 30 to 100 percent.
    ● Being automatic and water free it saves 1 billion litres of water per gigawatt annually and also saves 1700 tons of CO2 gigawatt everyday.
    ● The air compressors installed do not use any extra power as they run on the 9% of the increased power generated.
    ● Unlike traditional cleaning methods where cleaners are at high risk of getting electrocuted or falling off from the roof, this solution not only saves the cleaners but also the overhead cost involved.

    Business and Revenue Model

    Currently startup is focusing on EPC (Engineering, Procurement, and Construction) and installation of the solution for rooftop panels for B2C customers. And for its B2B customers, it provides licence for the technology designing and project management for the installation

    Two projects have been installed in Noida. Pricing entirely depends upon the size of the solar rooftops. According to Suchin, installation of the solution for 10 kWh can cost the users around Rs 2 lakh, for 100 kWh, it can cost around Rs 15 lakh, and installation for a 1 Mwh system can cost somewhere between Rs 1-1.5 crore.

    Speaking about the funding, the startup is currently bootstrapped with Rs. 35 lakh from the founder in his personal capacity.

    Future Plans Ahead

    Inoviea has no major competitors in the field except robotic cleaning solutions. However, cleaning solar panels using robots needs manpower to handle it efficiently. Inoviea being automatic have an edge over robotic cleaning, and also the major advantage is it doesn't require water for cleaning.

    In the last 5 years, Inoviea has grown hundred percent every year, with a positive cash flow and average turnover of Rs. 1 crore.

    "We have plans to set up a manufacturing unit to ramp up production activities to capture the entire Indian market. Apart from this, we are looking to foster joint ventures abroad by licensing the technology," said Suchin.