19 Sept 2020
iExceed- pioneering digital marketing services

    The Indian HR-tech startup, iExceed, is now expanding its service base by providing digital marketing opportunities suited to a client’s demands.

    The details

    The company aims to offer its clients a uniquely built digital marketing platform that will range from model stratification, providing marketing content, running campaigns, search engine marketing and optimisation to social media marketing, which will always keep them firmly planted on the prospective customer base's radar.

    iExceed claims that with the customer’s ability to access digital content seamlessly and the exposure potential without leaving the safe confines of their home is what has driven them to initiate a digital marketing service platform to attract clients.

    The advantage

    Digital marketing unfolds a brand's ability to completely satisfy its customer base demands. In the current scenario where the economy runs the threat of plummeting, the pandemic-afflicted market expects a bit more from the brands to appeal to its customers and digital marketing has now emerged as the only way for the companies to interact and bring in their both current and displaced customer base's attention.

    iExceed will now aim to provide their services to SMEs and larger corporations across Europe, the US and India which has the scope of expanding their operations which will bring in the opportunity for iExceed to venture new markets over the digital media.


    Marketers act as advocates for customers on behalf of a company across all businesses and industries. With the common man now enjoying unprecedented access to the digital realm, digital marketing has emerged as a major driving force for an organisation’s growth and sustainability. iExceed, with their newly-built digital marketing wing in place, wants to utilise this need and drive the growth for brands and businesses across the globe.