26 April 2020
IdeaForge’s drones to audit Social Distancing amid lockdown

    Retaining social distancing and averting crowded places have been the contemporary norm to ledge the spread of coronavirus. Conversely, India is engaged with the exhaustive lockdown in order to avoid COVID-19 spread. On the other hand, a start-up, ideaForge is engaged with aerial systems which are completely unmanned. These help police and officials monitor over social distancing and surveillance scrutiny using its drones.

          Ankit Mehta, founded ideaForge in 2007, along with the co-founders Vipul Joshi, Ashish Bhat and Rahul Singh. The main productions from ideaForge include drones for industrial applications, homeland security, University surveillances and defense.

    Amidst Coronavirus, Mumbai-based ideaForge has been now appointed to help police forces of Maharashtra, Guwahati, Sangli and Assam by deploying their drones for the surveillance. A recent update says that the Municipal Corporation of Greater Mumbai and police forces of Sangli have deployed the ideaForge’s Q series drones after monitoring purposes.

    These drones on over-all are solutions for many problems faced by police forces. These problems include resource crunch, restricted surveillances, delayed reaction time, spreading awareness and mainly the safety of police officers and officials.

    Their drones, Fixed-Wing UAVs, Quadcopters and other Micro Drones have been involved with a deliberate service to about 10 states in India including Assam, Delhi and Maharashtra. These are especially deployed in cosmopolitan cities and market places especially for crowd monitoring and surveillance purpose.

          As of now, ideaForge has produced about 120,000+ end-customer flights and around 700+ systems have been deployed with 1300+ pilots trained. On the other hand, it had applied for 21 patents where 3 of them were granted patents and remaining 18 patents are pending.

    There are a total of 4 categories in its productions NETRA V Series UAV, Switch UAV, NETRA Pro UAV and Q series UAV. I have already mentioned that Q series UAVs have been currently set-on regarding the countries lockdown.

    In contrast, these drones are especially known for their services provided to Indian Army, CRPF, NSG, Air-Force, Border Security Force, Indian Railways, State Police Forces, L&T, DRDO and many more well-grounded organizations.

    In this current situation, apart from their contribution to India, their drones are also set to fly in various regions all over the world. ideaForge, a Mumbai-based start-up, has been involved to take similar efforts and monitor multiple-countries that include United Arab Emirates (UAE), Italy and China. That’s more similar to a Bumbershoot.

    Besides working for surveillances, these drones are also effective as drones for early detection of symptoms, drones for local disinfection and drones for medical delivery supply. According to ideaForge, it is also going to extend the drone service to the other states in India.

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