26 Sept 2020
Glance - Changing the way you look at your Lock Screen


    Glance was started in January 2017, as a B2C company by Naveen Tiwari headquartered in Bangalore.

    Glance established its stronghold as a startup gunning for the top spot innovating in India’s mobile-first economy. Glance came from the umbrella organization inMobi as this screen zero platform helps provide personalized content to the users in their preferred languages in their lock screens.

    The multiple languages supported by Glance are Hindi, English, Tamil, Telugu, and the Indonesian language Bahasa. Due to this, Glance enjoys a sizeable outreach as it caters to a wider captive audience with the sole aim of democratizing content and commerce on the internet.


    With the adoption of smartphones universally in the business realm, Glance brings about a disruptive wave by customizing the customer’s entry point of any mobile handset, the screen.

    Glance’s features were built and modeled keeping in mind the needs and quirks of the Gen Z and the millennial generation which allows it to be such a hit in these subsections of our society.

    But what does customizing the lock screen experience entail? And how does Glance manage to make it lucrative enough to pile in such a large volume of interested, prospective customers?

    Let’s take a gander.

    The aim is simple, keeping visually rich content at the top to entertain and inform the customers in a number of simple yet elegant ways like-
    ● Sporting event result
    ● Entertainment factoid
    ● News snippet
    ● New recommendations regarding restaurants, places, fashion, etc.

    Glance saw its investor in Mithril Capital, as it entered the market through the mobile handset manufacturers, allowing them an edge in reaching out to the content consuming public, as it taps into this vast market.

    All you need to do in order to enjoy the Glance services is enable the feature on your phones, no need for installation from PlayStore, or any other third party software. You can find it available on all the android phones, and a couple of others.

    Customization takes place by leveraging AI and human expertise to provide you content according to your need, be it news, reminders, or anything else this feature studies what your likes are and suggests visually appealing content to further enhance your experience on your smartphone.

    Glance further rolled out an assortment of new features like Glance games, shopping, and TV to go toe to toe with its competitors.


    Curating content to your liking on a daily basis Glance quickly soared in numbers ever since its inception, as it acquired video platform Roposo back in 2019 to reach out to the vernacular audience in the country even further as it climbed to 100M active users in May 2020. This is still early days for Glance as it emerges from its nascent stage as an industry giant with its features.