27 Sept 2020
GigaCure : Preventive Health Analytics


    Gigacure was founded by Prajjwal Sinha, as an AI-powered healthcare wearable startup to make pregnancy safe and secure.

    Gigacure is laying the foundation for the new generation of healthcare by introducing a solution of smart IoT wearables coupled with predictive analytics to detect and prevent any life-threatening complications.

    Backed by IIM Bangalore and NSRCEL Gigacure has a strong team comprising of people from Practo, SAP, Intel, IIM Bangalore, and IITB with a total experience of over 20 years in this field. The advisory board consists of members from TiE Bangalore Chapter & Director level executives from PWC India, Western Digital India & OSF Healthcare, Illinois, USA.


    The risks involved in pregnancy are fairly documented and it is imperative to come up with stronger and more reliable methods to ensure the safety of expecting mothers.

    Gigacure is leveraging data solutions through wearables(smartwatches) to monitor and manage the healths of the expecting mothers which utilizes Artificial Intelligence and the Internet of Things.

    This health-focused wearable device can perform predictive analytics of vital health signs like blood pressure, health rate, body temperature, and even give an estimate of the oxygen level in blood.

    The data that is collected in this manner is then run over the AI algorithms deployed by Gigacure to predict anomalies and risks. This is therefore really handy given how many people can be positively impacted by this ingenious approach.

    Every day around 50k babies are born in India, which is around 18M babies each year. With this baffling number, is associated the problems and complications faced by so many expectant mothers which can be caught at an early-stage with Gigacure Wearables.

    Based on the result the patient is recommended to visit nearby hospitals and doctors, which allows the parents to get timely consultation preventing the problem from going out of hand.

    Gigacure also comes fully equipped with a social media application to go hand in hand with the wearable. It also provides useful articles and helpful and meaningful videos in the local languages to allow the expectant mothers to channel proper guidance through pregnancy and associated tips and tricks which could smooth out the process.


    Gigacure is currently on the rise as it discusses prospects with maternity hospitals about partnerships and bringing their product to the market. This company has been striving to provide a lucid solution to a common problem with data analytics to propel their product into the mainstream market. It is definitely one of the startups to look out for with its unique outlook.