7 Oct 2020


    Expertrons is an interactive video bot marketplace of experts, founded by Vivek Gupta and Jatin Solanki. These experts range from those who cracked an interview at Fortune 500 companies to an esteemed university/institute such as Harvard/IIM.

    When you are in your early 20s, you are among the ones looking for jobs, or colleges and institutes to study from in order to get better jobs or go for research if you feel like it. Whatever be the case, each one of these involves grueling tests and interviews to go through before you can actually clinch it.

    Expertrons Ideology

    A little expert help is always welcome when it comes to acing those interviews. Because interviews are such a crucial part of the hiring or shortlisting process, it is, therefore, an essential skill that should be mastered to maximize your chances. Thankfully this is a skill that can be learned by anyone at any point in time.

    Expertrons peddles expert tips and preparations to get you across the finishing line on the D-Day.

    Being the first AI video bot platform, Expertrons helps aspirants connect with experts from top companies who then provide tips and tricks to help them crack their dream jobs.

    The aim is to become the frontrunners in career guidance and management space which would enable the youth to start their career in the right direction and professionals to upscale. It empowers the youth to make better decisions using AI and bot technology.

    Expertrons Features

    There are two parties on Expertrons the aspirants and the experts imparting knowledge on the platform. Let’s talk about the different features available to these two sections.

    ● Aspirants

    For those looking to boost their careers, assistance is provided for interview preparation, industry-specific resume, career hacks, and much more. Some salient features for aspirants are as follows:

    ○ Watch Interview Experiences

    You can crack interviews for your dream university or a top multinational company with the help of career experts.

    ○ Career Acceleration

    You can interact with AI video bots of experts that are recommended for you anytime. 10,000+ minutes of experiences and hacks to pick from absolutely free of cost

    ○ Get Hired through Referrals

    You can get a one-on-one consultation with the career experts and an opportunity to get referred to your dream company

    ● Experts

    ○ Do you have a coveted professional experience and wish to pass on your knowledge to others? Expertrons provides you a comprehensive platform to let you influence millions of aspirants and help them build a career.

    ○ This also doubles as an earning opportunity for you through one-on-one consultation and referral bonus.

    ○ Expertrons provides you an elite network of professionals at your disposal coming from various top B-schools, best companies, and international universities.

    Expertrons has collaborated with a number of media stalwarts like Inc42, YourStory, dailyhunt, TechStory, TechCircle. Expertrons has a top network of experts coming from companies like Google, Oyo, JPMorganChase, Goldman Sachs, Capgemini, ICICI Bank, Rakuten among others. Expertrons has clocked over 10,000 minutes of interview experiences with 500 super experts guiding you at any point having impacted over 40,000 aspirants, Expertrons has redefined the niche as we know it and constantly busy chalking up new milestones.