29 April 2020
Cure.Fit : Revamping Health & Fitness In India

    Everyone wants to live a fit and healthy which calls out for tons of labour. People that are prompt pull it off on their own. However, there is another set of individuals who are wanting to do things but either at knowledge or motivation. Cure.fit may prove to be a perfect companion,  who knows everything what it take for a fit and healthier lifestyle. 

    What is Cure.Fit ?

    Cure.Fit is a start-up within the health and fitness industry offering digital and offline solutions for fitness, nutrition and mental well-being. Cure.fit with the tagline of "Be better every day" aims to make fitness easy and fun-loving.

    Cure.Fit provides fitness lessons under the Cult.Fit brand, offers a variety of healthy and nutritious food options under Eat.Fit, mental wellness sessions through Mind.Fit and medical diagnostic centers through Care.Fit.

    The story of Cure.Fit :

    Founded by Mukesh Bansal and Ankit Nagori in 2016, when both entrepreneurs were trying to find a subsequent opportunity, after Flipkart. It was obvious for the fitness enthusiast duo to come up with a start-up in the field of health and fitness. With their market research and analysis they concluded that folks aren't happy to keep various applications to trace their health and fitness. Entrepreneur genes, with this, came up with the idea of Cure.Fit.

    From taking over a year-old start-up Cult.fit, having 12 centers in Bangalore to many acquisitions till now including The Tribe (in 2017), a1000yoga (in 2017), Kristys Kitchen (in 2017) and second-biggest fitness company, Fitness First (in 2018), the brand now has a strong foothold in resources required to develop a sustainable working model in Healthcare sector which works for the customer.

    Having risen from the goodwill of Myntra and the duo being successful entrepreneurs came up with perks like getting investors, funds and team members came straight forward. 

    The start-up, raising over $160 million of funding within two years of starting to raise around $400 million till now, the company has invested its fund to focus on 3 point – 

        Technology platform, Artificial Intelligence-based products,

        Stronger Footprint, whether online or offline, and

        Creating Brand Value

    Getting on-board Hrithik Roshan, as brand ambassador proved to be an impactful marketing and brand building technique.

    Dealing with all the factors to create a universe platform, technology-equipped Cure.Fit web-application was launched and is currently configured for 4 main business verticals -

        Cult.fit : Physical fitness through Zumba, boxing, martial arts, yoga, etc. Access to your personal workouts or a gaggle workouts engaging video, without those soulless machines.

        Eat.fit : With the supply of junk and nutriment at a click away, an individual must track his calories and also know what's healthy and nutritious. With Eat.fit surfeit your cravings and encourage one to progress their diets.

        Mind.fit : Fitness is not only physical, a healthy mind within the fit body makes your life healthy. Mental wellness is taken care of through meditation, therapy, emotional care, etc.

        Care.fit : Medical-aid reception, medicine consultation and its delivery services are just a call away.

    Innovations in Cure.fit are day-to-day activities. Since incorporation company has been engaging its customers with innovative ideas and enthusiasm every now and then :

        DIY Content: A user can download these Do It Yourself videos and can practice them whenever it fits to schedule.

        Whole.fit : Another excellent innovation where subscribers are supplied curated packaged food consistent with guidelines of eat.fit wherein 20+ food categories are supplied like staples, cereals, health supplements etc.

        Cultsport : Addition to the above activities, in September 2019, Company launched another brand of Cultsport which offers athletic cloth sets, footwear and other accessories.

    Revenue earning approach :

    Cure.fit has 3 major approaches to make wealth are :

        Cross-Selling approach: Having various verticals, promotion is simpler. One could be using Clut.fit and may be encouraged to take others like mind.fit as fitness comes after mindfulness.

        Multiple Subscription Plans: Different plans for subscription varying from a month to a year consistent with the requirements of a consumer.

        Both offline and online strategy: Having its presence in both the markets with a goal to access multiple customer base generated more revenue and will continue to be a strategic long-run investment.

    Advantages that contributed to the success of the Start-up :

        One-stop Solution: Cure.fit is a complete package from fitness, eating healthy, mental fitness, etc. through live classes, consultation on video making users experience magnificent.

        Distinct from other fitness brands and applications: Generally fitness applications work upon physical health through workout and eating healthy. Cure.fit has gone another mile with its verticals like mental.fit and pop.fit.

        Live Energy Meters: An exclusive feature of Cure.fit is during live classes a live energy meter ranks the trainee according to his engagement which makes the person enthusiastic and active.

        Personal Trainer on Subscriptions: Trainers are assigned on a private basis for his or her fitness solutions. It's just like a virtual class. In addition to this, sessions by celebrities like Hrithik Roshan, Lauren Gottlieb, Rahul David, etc. attract an enormous customer base.

        Physical Companionship: Brand did not become a digital robot, it has marked its presence over 18 Indian cities and is internationally also present in some countries.

    Current Scenario and future plans :

    With 270 Cult.fit centers in 18 cities, 70 Kitchens for Eat.fit over 15 cities and 8 Care.fit centers across India, Cure.fit has been a successful and remarkable start-up business model and is currently growing at an incredible speed of 200% every year.

    One can easily sense the Brand’s position in India, from the fact that through Cult.Live, a lockdown special initiative, a program has seen more than 10,000 logins within 20 days for a single dance-fitness session.

    While Cure.Fit is in its embryonic stage and there is a long way ahead considering the vision of creating a full-fledged healthcare ecosystem, it plans its expansion aggressively with a view to open 500 centers across different cities in India and then to penetrate the global market. Mukesh Bansal at a recent interview said, “We aspire to service over 100 million consumers over the next 10 years, by leveraging deep-tech and powerful on-ground networks. And want to become the movement which brings fitness to India".