17 April 2020
CoRover’s AskDoc: World’s First Ever AI Doctor Answering Covid-19 Queries

    CoRover, a startup initiated by Ankush Sabharwal in 2016, enlightens online websites and apps with quick-witted chatbots.

    It is trendy that every website to maintain an AI-powered chatbot boosting up their customer service wing with accuracy and energized answers to the queries.

    CoRover makes it more progressive bringing-in the ML (Machine Learning) and AI (Artificial Intelligence) based chatbots with a multi layered Proprietary Framework.

          AskDisha, AskIra, AskDoc and many such wonderful chatbots by CoRover made situations more simplified in various aspects. Recently, its AskDisha Chatbot was honoured with the ‘Asia Leadership Award’.

    CoRover’s AskDoc: world’s first ever AI doctor, now in pledge with answering COVID-19 queries. AskDoc stands as the best ever chat bot that provides a quick response to any query that a doctor can answer for.

    As of April 16,2020, the COVID-19 positive cases number reached 1,985,083 with deaths of around 125,344. However, this is turning out to be very critical. Moreover, doctors find it very challenging to cover all the corners of the medical emergency regarding this dangerous disease.

    So, many startups took initiative in serving the world against the COVID-19 pandemic. In contrast, CoRover took an initiative and extended its hands towards preventing the dangerous spread of the COVID-19 pandemic.

    AskDoc gives a quick and relevant response to every person that visits the AskDoc website. It is multilingual with enabling both text and voice chat facilities. Based on the situation and necessity, users can also have video contact with a doctor.

          It is more necessary to have such a ChatBot in this critical situation. All alone doctors could not show concern for queries/fears over COVID-19 pandemic. AskDoc is doing its best in this part, experts say.

    AskDoc provides safety measures, quick responses and best solutions for a query. The chatbot is guided by the information from the World Health Organisation’s (WHO) guidelines and also Ministry of Health and Family Welfare, Government of India. The authentication is assigned to physician Dr. Pratik Yashavant Patil, who specializes in infectious diseases.

    With more than 200 million users, over 100 partners and around 10 billion interactions, CoRover is being accessed in more than 186 countries. On the other hand, the advancements and new features brought by CoRover always show simplified solutions for the modern problems in this digitalized world.

    CoRover is already on its way to serving big clients like Amazon, IRCTC, Google, Flipkart, Microsoft and etc. with a total of Rs.2 crore monthly revenue.

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