17 Oct 2020


    CogniABle is a healthcare startup in India that is using deep learning and machine learning-driven assistive technology for early detection and affordable treatment of developmental disorders like Autism Spectrum Disorder, ADHD, learning disability, and many more.

    Founded in 2018 by Prathosh AP and Manu Kohli, the machine learning technology provides personalized clinical insights for the children based on disease progression with clinical guidelines, assessment tools, treatment plans, medical resources, and many more. The goal is a higher quality of care.


    Medical studies have shown that a significant amount of children in India face developmental and neurological disorders, with numbers reaching up to 11 million. Due to the limited availability of clinicians in the country, many kids go undiagnosed. Even if they are diagnosed it usually takes place at a much later stage which leaves them with untapped cognitive potential.

    CogniABle tries to shift the demographic in a positive direction with its AI-based decision support system. With the help of data-based solutions, CogniABle has been able to prepone early detection by around 1.5 years of age compared to the present 4 years age which considerably enhances the quality of life of the child on autism.

    CogniABle provides an easy to implement platform which can be used by anyone for autism detection and therapy.

    This entails :

    ● Regular Program Updates
    ● Data Recording
    ● Child-specific Education Plan Training Video
    ● Doctors can provide assessment through AI modal
    ● Patients can download CogniABle to keep track of important updates

    Coming down to brass tacks, let’s discuss how does the platform actually function :

    ● Establish initial contact with CogniABle
    ● Initial Assessment is carried out through a number of evidence-based tools.
    ● An individualized program is developed in 21 domain and early development areas
    ● CogniABle then comes up with an education plan tailored to the child’s needs
    ● Once the education plan is decided, customized methods of teaching are brought into use in written and video modeling format.
    ● Over 24 hours of training video along with customized role-play and video modeling to go hand-in-hand with the education plan
    ● Customized therapy plan that satisfies the child’s needs, and regular program updates


    ● Affordability

    Early screening and treatment can significantly reduce the expenses of multiple doctor visits to screen and treat affected children.

    ● Accessibility

    Leveraging cloud-based software, CogniABle can be accessed from homes, clinics, hospitals, or by medical professionals and non-experts alike.

    ● Data-driven Process

    A customized treatment plan is created for each child using deep learning basing it on data linked to clinical landmarks.


    CogniABle allows parents to be better equipped to positively impact the unique developmental health and progress of their children. CogniABle also empowers the pediatricians to act on parental concerns early-on, swiftly identify behavioral conditions, come up with a diagnosis, and prescribe treatments accordingly. CogniABle is helping make this world a truly better place utilizing the power of emerging technologies to propel the growth of children and prepare them for the challenges of the future.