14 May 2020
CLEVERTAP - SaaS Based Mobile Marketing Platform

    CleverTap is a Saas based customer management & mobile marketing machine founded in 2013 in California.

    Company CleverTap
    Founded In May 2013
    Founders Anand Jain, Sunil Thomas, Suresh Kondamudi
    Funding $76.6 Million
    Headquarter California, USA

    The journey of cleverTap started when three people, Anand Jain, Suresh Kondamudi and Sunil Thomas left Network18 in 2013. Before initiating a new journey they have this clear mindset that communication through digitalization will have to be quick and precise in the near future.

    CleverTap provides real-time analytics and user engagement that can be used by companies for better linkage and understanding of their users. CleverTap has gained immense popularity and has some famous brands like Samsung, Sony, etc as their users. They offer some precious insights KPI’s to fulfill their business motive and achieve their target customers.

    CleverTap has a marketing engagement suite that helps companies to track their users, their behavior towards the brand and fulfill their motives. There are several tools like pre-built campaigns, user retention, app engagement and enhanced monetization. One can also schedule their campaigns for active hours when the flow of consumers is more active.

    CleverTap is one of the top business intelligence software with larger user rates.

    Overview & Benefits:

    This business is mainly used to enhance companies business by targeting their own customers and making arrangements as user friendly which enhances business and marketing. One can monitor users and implement their techniques accordingly. Their analytics show how people are taking their business and interacting with it and how many times a user comes or goes from their site. One can optimize their campaigns and expenses in every channel through CleverTap. Moreover, they can analyze their campaigns and determine which of the campaigns gives a better or a poor result.

        Uninstall Apps: this is the most hurting and painful thing experienced by developers and companies. Customers can send automated emails which had generated 12.5% of response rate from the people who used to uninstall apps before.

        Personalization: the company offers real-time personalization such that it can deliver timely personalized app engagements to the customers. This has increased click-through for a number of companies with almost 10% based on the categories of products the users viewed.

        On-Boarding: it is the best option to get success through mobile marketing and in-app notifications such that one can convert users to customers.

    CleverTap has customers from over 100 countries with almost 26 push notifications produced per minute and generated revenue with growth of 250%

    Customers can easily get access to their packs by going into their site and accessing them. It also provides real-time dashboards that track the number of installs, uninstalls and user data with the time spent on the application.

    CleverTap hires fine people with perfect skills as they don’t want to compromise with the quality of their company. The most challenging thing is that data regulation is the key, any problem occurring there can result in unfavorable situations that can limit CleverTap’s business.

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