25 Oct 2020
Classplus : Shopify for Coaching Centers

    Out of 30 crore school going students, more than 7.1 crore take supplementary coaching every year. India has the largest after-school coaching market within the world, says the report of National Sample Survey Office (NSSO). 25-30 students are accommodated in one batch and with multiple batches during a day, and it becomes impossible to pay personal attention to every child due to student - tutor ratio. Moreover, ample time and energy of an educator is spent on designing content, checking assignments, performance tracking, parent meetings, brand development and other activities, such a lot more is needed apart from just teaching and teaching methods.

    Management and clerical concerns have taken away their whip hand - high ranking tutoring. To extend a helping hand and regain their motto, Classplus was launched to redefine and digitalise the classroom engagements.

    Behind the scenes :

    Co-founders Mukul Rustagi and Bhaswat Agarwal met during a coaching class while preparing for IIT-JEE in 2007. The coaching class shuts down mid-year as unhappy parents pull out their children due to non-communication of progress reports. Both Co-founders learnt and remembered the tutor-parent community gap.

    After two and a half years of job-working, they decided to urge together resolving this gap and launched a venture Xrep in 2015. They went ahead with their thorough research and interactions for several months to understand the gap in the K-12 private coaching segment. They, with their pooled savings of Rs 15 lakhs, came with the solution - Classplus, and launched it in 2018, for helping both teachers and students.

    Classplus - Digitalising classrooms

    Classplus is a comprehensive classroom management app that put an end to time - consuming secondary activities such as creating quizzes, checking assessment, and tracking attendance logs, enabling tutors focus on nurturing students.

    Classplus simply allows offline coaching institutes to take their activities online. With the aid of technology, company aims to digitalise the administrative and managerial activities of the gigantic market onto a click of button of the smartphones.

    While unboxing the benefits of Classplus everyone gets benefitted :

    Tutors :

    It brings all sorts of relief for the tutors as it enables them to create database of unlimited batches and students along with various activities like
    ● Tracking and reporting of Attendance.
    ● Allotment of Online assignments.
    ● Fee management of students along with sending automatic fee reminders and collection of fees through online modes.
    ● Performance tracking and test reports.
    ● Provides an platform for live chatting with the tutor for both students and parents.
    ● Zero typing product to reduce manpower.
    ● Enquiry management tool.

    Students :

    For students, classplus provides a facility like that of phone-o-friend, where he can request batch access, submit assignments and attempt online tests. Have a live chat for clearing doubts with their tutors on one-on-one chat or with their peers on group chat.

    Parents :

    Unique parent mode enables parent get mapped to their children. Once activated, progress reports, attendance reports are updated to them through notifications. Parents can directly chat with tutor and have any queries solved.

    USP of Classplus over other players :

    Management software for coaching institutes is an highly competitive industry having competitors like eduZilla, Smartclasses.in, SkoolApp and the list goes on.

    Classplus distinguishes as it not only caters to the B2B space as a coaching management software but also on B2C space as an online learning platform.

    It is a first mobile-friendly SaaS (Software as a Service) platform. In addition to its services it also acts a digital distribution platform for educational content and products, enabling tutors to leverage the technological advancements and use e-commerce channels to significantly increase content repositories to share video content and online assessments with students.

    Hence, just in two years, Classplus has been actively used by more than 3000 tutors across 50+ cities in India, enabling these institutes to manage the operations with greater ease and authorising them to offer customised lessons to students digitally.

    Funds Raised :

    Classplus has raised over fund more than of $ 14.62 million till date through around 7 funding rounds including latest 2 rounds in 2020 only. With the latest Series-A funding of $ 9 million in May 2020 and Pre Series-A funding of $ 2.5 million in February 2020, this B2B Edtech Start-Up will be focussing on improving its technology along with expanding the product horizon. The latest funding was round led by early-stage tech-investor RTP Global along with the existing investors Blume Ventures, Sequoia Capital India’s Surge, Spiral Ventures and Strive.

    Impact of Covid-19 on Classplus :

    "Classplus has on-boarded more than 3,500 coaching centers on its platform", said Rustagi, more than 500 of which started using the service in the month of April after Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s government ordered to shut down schools and other public gatherings in a bid to curb the spread of the coronavirus disease.

    “Joining the platform is as easy as signing up for a team collaboration app. The whole process takes less than 30 minutes,” said co-founder & CCO, Mukul Rustagi.

    Conclusion :

    With its one-stop institutional management technology platform for teacher, students and parents, Classplus is exploring one of the toughest education market of the world. Education institutions and tutors are trusting this efficient platform equipped with technology and outsourcing their secondary activities via Classplus. This trust made Classplus – a category leaders in its segment just within 2 years.

    With a perfect blend of ambition, energy, science, customer understanding and importance of a Mentor in Teacher in one’s life and how they empower student, Classplus is all about focussing on empowering teachers, physically and technically.