27 April 2020
Cashify: Setting Benchmarks As a Recommerce startup

    Cashify is gradually gaining steam in the Indian market, the startup that is enabling people to sell their old mobile devices within just a minute. It has also set up offline kiosks for people who are having trouble accessing the online interface.

    Cashify has made it possible for the thrown out old devices which still have the potential to perform well to be restored to their previous glory. It buys off the old device and carries out any kind of refurbishment that is needed. The old phone is then sold off to customers or businesses who are looking to buy a second-hand phone to meet their demands, at a lower price.

    Advances being made by Cashify

    Cashify has roped in Chinese refurbishment commerce giant AliHouShou as an investor, as it aims to establish an international footprint over the next few years. They are also focussing on offline kiosks and retail expansion, to cater to all categories of customers. They have launched several offline stores across the country as well as kiosks in places like metro stations which will ensure better customer penetration.

          Cashify has plans to expand its retail stores from 23 to 200 by the end of this year. Startup currently handles a volume of 150,000 phones per month and has plans to double that volume by the end of this year.

    Cashify's main user bases are SMEs, startups and logistic businesses that need large volumes of second-hand phones for its employees who are engaged in the groundwork of their respective companies.

    Diversification of the current business model

    Cashify has launched a service, dubbed as ScreenPro, which performs in-home screen repair operations. It also has plans to unveil other services like camera repair, battery repair etc. as well as a line of Cashify-branded accessory products such as chargers, earphones and data cables. They also aim to launch a gadget-exclusive insurance cover scheme.

    Cashify aims to grow by 200-300 percent this year. Their current business model has already made a dent on the average upgrade cycle of the consumers by quite some amount.


    Cashify is a revolutionary startup that has brought to the Indian consumer a glimpse of how recommerce works. Their services are helping varied demography of our country, from individual entities to businesses and enterprises. Their year-on-year growth has been massive and with foreign investors on board this company, the company is showing a lot of potential to emerge as one of the top recommerce brands in India.

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