23 Mar 2020
CAR (Company Affirmation of Readiness towards COVID-19) & Its Compliance

    Ministry of Corporate Affairs vide a notification dated 20.02.2020 conveyed and strongly advised to all the Companies and LLPs to put in place an immediate plan to implement ‘Work from Home’ Policy in their headquarters and field offices.

    Thereby Today i. e 23rd March 2020 MCA Deployed a new web based form CAR (Companies Affirmation of Readiness towards COVID-19)

    All Companies and LLPs are Requested to report Compliance of this web-based form. And Should be filed by an Authorized Signatory of the Companies and LLPs.

    Due date of Filling CAR (Company Affirmation of Readiness towards COVID-19) is not Specified however Companies/LLPs are advised to use the service w.e.f 23rd March 2020 in a staggered manner to avoid the load on the system.

      Key Features of CAR

    • It is a simple web form deployed on 23.03.2020 with minimum fields and can be filed from anywhere.

    • No Payment of Fee

    • No DSC (Digital Signature Certificate) Required.

    • Available as a ‘Post-login’ service for both ‘Registered’ as well ‘Business User’

    • Applicable for all Indian companies/ Foreign companies/ LLPs/ Foreign LLPs

    • Any one of the current Authorized Signatories of the Company/LLP can submit the form online

    • Only OTP verification

    • No SRN is generated

    • System based acknowledgment shall be sent to:

      - Email ID of the respective Company/Foreign Company/ LLP or Foreign LLP


      - Email ID of the Authorized Signatory who is providing the affirmation


      - Email ID of the FO user who is submitting the affirmation

      MCA Guidelines to File the MCA E-form: CAR-2020 -Company Affirmation of Readiness towards COVID-19

    STEPS :-

    1. Login to MCA website

    2. Go to MCA Service and Click on COVID-19 (as shown below)

    3. Go to MCA Service and Click on COVID-19
    4. Enter valid CIN/ FCRN/ LLPIN/ FLLPIN

    5. Click on Pre-fill

    6. System will Pre-fill the name of the Indian company or a Foreign company or LLP or Foreign LLP

    7. Select whether Company/LLP is in compliance of COVID-19 Guidelines including work from home policy.

    8. Select whether the Authorized Signatory of the Company/LLP who is providing the affirmation has a valid DIN/ PAN or Membership Number.

    9.   Note: Ensure that such authorized signatory is currently associated with the company/LLP.

    10. Click on Pre-fill option.

    11. In case DIN of a Director is entered, mobile number available in database shall be Pre-filled. (Where mobile number is not Pre-filled, the field shall be editable and mobile number can be entered by the user).

    12. Click on ‘Send OTP’ button. OTP shall be sent to the mobile number entered.

    13. Enter OTP received on the mobile number and click on ‘Verify OTP’ button.

    14. Once OTP is verified, success message shall be displayed.

    15. Click on ‘Submit’ button to submit the form.

    16. System based acknowledgment shall be sent on registered email.

    17. Go to MCA Service and Click on COVID-19

    Source: MCA (http://www.mca.gov.in/Ministry/pdf/Car_22032020.pdf)

    Disclaimer: In No Event The Author Shall Be Liable For Any Direct, Indirect, Special Or Incidental Damage Resulting From Or Arising Out Of Or In Connection With The Use Of This Information.

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