28 Mar 2020
Burger King Trolls Its Competitors With Best ad Campaigns
  •  Burn That Ad | Burger King

    In 2019, they started a campaign called ‘Burn That Ad’ that encouraged their customers to download the Burger King application on their phones and scan the ads by competitors. On doing so, they would be able to witness the sight of it being burned up instantly – in augmented reality – and turned into a Burger King ad. When the flames burn away, the consumers were left with a screen that told them they’d received a free Whopper and instructions to the nearest restaurant.

  •   A Whopper of a Secret | Burger King

    As 2019 winds to an end, Burger King has a secret to reveal: to prove that the Whopper outsizes rival McDonald’s Big Mac it has hidden one behind every advertisement this year. Within every piece of print, TV, OOH and in-store advertising, Burger King placed a Big Mac behind every Whopper photographed. But due to the size of its own burger, the rival was often eclipsed from sight.

    Burger King’s Whopper is positioned as a heftier option for fast-food lovers getting their burger fix. Seeing this as a differentiating benefit against its rival burger, Burger King endeavoured to find a way to prove it - on a massive scale.

  •   Valentine's Day #LonelyNoMore | Burger King

    Known for creative and quirky advertising campaigns, fast food chain Burger King recently launched its Valentine's Day campaign titled ‘Lonely no more’, asking customers to click a picture with the famous McDonald's clown Ronald McDonald to avail of a free whopper on Valentine’s Day.

    In the video, the clown nearly resembles the McDonald ambassador sitting alone with sombre music playing in the background. In the end, Burger King takes a jibe by saying ‘It sucks to be lonely. Especially on Valentine’s Day’.

  •   Escape the clown | Burger King

    Burger King Germany launched a geotargeted campaign that builds on the publicity for horror movie "It Chapter Two" while taking aim at rival McDonald's. The campaign urges McDonald's customers to "Escape the Clown," a reference to the chain's classic clown mascot, Ronald McDonald.

    Using geo-targeting, McDonald's customers received a message on their Facebook or Twitter, inviting them to open the rival's cinema magazine to read the review of It. After finding the article, readers can scan the page with their Burger King app.

    Once they click on the 'Escape the Clown' button, a red balloon will float up with a coupon to receive a Whopper burger for only one cent. Guests have a limited time to "flee and run" from McDonald's to redeem the coupon. Those who make it in time can redeem the coupon for a real one-cent Whopper.

  •   #ScaryClownNight | Burger King

    Burger King is open to everyone. The brand's tagline is "Your Way". That means you are welcome. Even if your way is being a creepy clown who works as a mascot for the rival brand. To prove that, on Halloween 2017 BK cheered up everyone to dress up as a clown and come to restaurants for a free Whopper. The activation took place in 35 countries. All people had to do was go to a Burger King as a clown to eat like a king.

  •   Best Neighbour Campaign | Burger King


    Recently, The large fast food retail chain sent up ‘For Rent’ signs close to the McDonald outlets adding another dose of humour that said: “Neighbour never grills ever”, “BBQ smoke-free tenant below”, and “Don’t worry, the neighbour doesn’t barbeque!”

    “Everyone just loves flame-grilled barbecued meat, but not everyone likes to have a barbecuing neighbor, with the ‘Best Neighbor’ campaign we help these people, highlighting one of the features that sets BK apart as a brand without losing our sense of humor.” A report on AdAge mentioned.

  •   A Day Without Whopper | Burger King

    Though McHappy Day has been a Mcdonald's tradition for years, a day when $2 from each Big Mac and signature burger sale benefits the Children With Cancer Foundation, they got a little extra push this year. To help encourage customers to support McDonald's in their efforts, Burger King announced a “Day Without Whoppers.”

    On that day, the Burger King left rivalry aside and decided not to sell any Whopper sandwiches. The decision went for all the 107 restaurants in Argentina. The idea was to motivate people to buy the competitor’s most famous burger to help as many children as possible. Whoever went to any BK restaurant and ordered a Whopper sandwich on McHappy Day, was politely asked to go to the nearest McDonald’s instead.

    Sure, they knew exactly what they were doing and knew that it wasn’t a huge sacrifice in terms of sales (in fact, their sales will probably boost a little going forward from the positive press), it is still nice to see this feel-good “moment marketing” that is just meant to make us smile and restore our faith in humanity a little bit. And people have definitely taken notice: though this initiative occurred in Argentina, it has received attention on social media all over the world.

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