17 Sept 2020
Blinkeye Labs : Leveraging Computer Vision for Security


    Blinkeyelabs was birthed into existence by Mukund Mani to combat India’s automotive safety issue. On average India has about 400 fatalities due to traffic accidents which amount to around 1,50,000 deaths in a year. Blinkeyelabs saw the role edge-enabled technology could play to save driver’s lives on the road.

    Blinkeyelabs built a computer vision-enabled, IoT device that uses deep learning at the edge. Owing to this device, drivers can now receive timely alerts to react to dangerous driving situations. This would ensure a safer driving experience as a whole.

    The vision of the company is to provide computer vision powered solutions and cutting edge technologies to build these solutions in a comprehensive and elegant fashion keeping up the collaborative spirit. The aim is to bring about a transformation in road safety.


    The device developed by BlinkEye Labs is designed to be “plug-and-play” which is smoothly fitting both older and newer vehicles to provide automotive safety features like:

    ● Forward Collision Warning

    By leveraging Computer Vision and Deep learning models, a possible collision course can be detected in a timely fashion which alerts the driver to take immediate measures to steer clear of this course to prevent accidents and considerably reducing losses.

    ● Alerts For Distracted or Sleepy Drivers

    While on the road, it is quite possible for a driver to give in to exhaustion or simply being distracted by something else. BlinkEyeLabs’ product could prevent a mishap from taking place in such a situation by monitoring the driver and the traffic activity to send timely alerts to the driver to take immediate action to prevent accidents.

    This is possible through the actionable feedback provided to the drivers to provide solutions with visible impact.

    ● Increased Fleet Efficiency

    Due to more efficient driving enabled through this solution, this enables overall fleet efficiency and also helps maximize customer satisfaction by embedding the power of vision in your fleet.

    Steering Action

    BlinkEye Labs went with bootstrapping at an early stage to focus on building the minimum viable product. This led them to build meaningful partnerships and network with the right people across various components of transportation and logistics.


    With a firm idea to disrupt the traditional market place with emerging technologies, BlinkEye Labs worked on raising its next level of funding which propelled the commercialization of its automotive safety product.

    For the longest time, India’s car safety has been a matter of grave concern and continues to be so. BlinkEye Labs provides a simple product with great potential to change the Indian driving landscape in the upcoming years as it continually strives to further refining its models in order to provide the safest driving experience possible.