17 Oct 2020


    Bizongo emerged as a platform built to take care of all your packaging needs. Bizongo is a B2B online marketplace for packaging products.

    Headquartered in Mumbai, Bizongo was founded in 2015 by Aniket Deb, Ankit Tomar, Sachin Agrawal catering to the diverse material handling industries.

    Bizongo focuses on packaging, sourcing, distribution, inventory management, and design hassle-free solutions for enterprises. The company’s automated supply chain platform ensures the availability of packaging for business with low inventory.

    It raised a total of $70M in funding over 6 rounds, the latest being on Jan 27, 2020, from a Series C round.

    Bizongo is funded by 7 major investors with the likes of International Financial Corporation and Accel being the most recent ones.


    Some of the salient features are:

    ● Price Discovery

    Optimized costs through manufacturers bidding. Bizongo can help you significantly reduce costs.

    ● Vendor Management

    You can save yourself the trouble of messy negotiations by communicating only with Bizongo for all your product needs

    ● Digitized Documentation

    Fewer calls and emails provide for more action. Bizongo makes the process of digitized documentation much easier and simpler.

    ● Analytics and Tracking

    You could now be on top of your packaging order with regular updates with Bizongo’s salient dashboard. You can be informed at all times with this.

    Ushering in a new era of innovation, you can now create new solutions with Design Square:

    ● Sustainable Solutions

    You can get access to packaging solutions that are built to last and create a minimal environmental impact throughout the product’s lifecycle.

    ● Smart Designs

    You could design new-age and modernistic packaging that is consistent with your brand identity and uses the latest technology.

    ● Seamless Experience

    You can now deliver to the consumer a powerful packaging experience across channels with efficient usability and uniform quality like never before.

    Collaborate with artwork workflow on the go with :

    ● Customizable workflows

    Provides flexibility to customize approval workflows for packaging artwork to suit your requirement

    ● Packaging asset management libraries

    You can manage all your artwork assets on a centralized library for flexible and reliable access to packaging artwork.

    ● Artwork annotation and collaboration

    You can seamlessly collaborate across multiple users with the use of annotations and comments which can significantly reduce rework overheads.

    ● Procure Live Execution

    ○ Tracking And Execution Get a complete view of the end to end procurement process ranging from order placement to delivery of the goods.

    ○ Practical Pricing Utilize Bizongo’s invaluable partnerships with the nation’s top manufacturers to get the best practical prices to cater to your needs.

    ○ Digitized Documentation Manage all transaction-related documents digitally to have easy access to data at all the times


    Having worked with industry stalwarts in the cosmetics industry, the consumer durables industry, auto ancillary industry, and the logistics industry Bizongo has built a veritable portfolio and is widely regarded as an industry leader when it comes to convenient, hassle-free and easy packaging. Bizongo continues to move ahead as it scales greater heights by enabling businesses to build a better connected and sustainable world for the upcoming generations.